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Did Nicki Minaj Diss Taylor Swift After New Song Release? ‘Sit Down. Be Humble’

After Taylor Swift released 'Look What You Made Me Do', fans noticed that Nicki Minaj posted a cryptic tweet. They seem to think that she was shading her old frenemy!

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Is one of music’s greatest grudges still going hard? Swifties AND Barbies alike seem to think that Nicki Minaj, 32, was throwing some subtle shade at Taylor Swift, 27, after the latter dropped her hot new single “Look What You Made Me Do’. All Nicki did was send a simple tweet without context shortly after Taylor released her song: “N***a sit down. Be humble”. There’s no mention of Taylor anywhere in that tweet, but their fans are convinced it’s a Taylor diss! Taylor’s new track calls out her enemies (unnamed) and talks about how the “old Taylor is dead.” The new Taylor’s out for revenge!

Nicki’s tweet is actually a reference to Kendrick Lamar‘s hit “Humble”, but it’s, of course, possible that she referenced the lyrics for a specific reason. Think back two years ago to Nicki and Taylor’s major 2015 MTV Video Music Awards drama. Nicki publicly called out the VMAs for her lack of a Video of the Year nomination, attributing it to alleged racism. Taylor (who was nominated) slammed her on Twitter for pitting “women against each other,” and all hell broke loose. Nicki pointed out that she never mentioned her in the tweets, and Taylor quickly tried to make amends. Then, the women shocked the VMAs audience by opening up the show together!

It like things were good in Taylor-Nicki land, but you never know what goes on behind the scenes. After all, Nicki was featured on Katy Perry‘s epic Taylor diss track “Swish Swish”. And we all know how Katy and Taylor feel about each other. Taylor and Nicki’s fans are absolutely convinced that this is Nicki allegedly confirming that there’s still bad blood:

HollywoodLifers, do you think Nicki was dissing Taylor with her tweet? Let us know!