Marwan Kenzari: 5 Things To Know On Hottie Playing Jafar in Live Action ‘Aladdin’

Princess Jasmine might have to reevaluate her choice in men. Marwan Kenzari was cast as Jafar in the live-action remake of 'Aladdin,' and now, ladies around the world are dying to know more!

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Marwan Kenzari
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1) Where did this hotter-than-hell hunk come from?! Marwan Kenzari, 34, can’t possibly be from this world. Otherwise we would have noticed him sooner! The stud was born in The Hague, Netherlands and comes from Tunisian decent. With such a mixed heritage, it’s not surprising that he speaks Arabic, Dutch, French, and English all fluently.

2) Where have we seen him before? Marwan has actually been in the acting game since 2008, appearing in films Collide, Ben-Hur, and Bloedlink. He won a Golden Calf Award for his breakthrough project Wolf in 2013 — and you can thank his girlfriend for that, because she’s the one who pushed him in the entertainment direction. She encouraged him to audition for a play and the rest is history.

3) Marwan just landed a massive movie role! Fear not ladies, you’re about to see a whole lot more from this guy! It was revealed on Aug. 4 that Marwan was cast as the evil Jafar in the live-action remake of Aladdin, also featuring Will Smith as the genie, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, and Mena Massoud as the titular character. This may be Marwan’s biggest break yet!

4) He lives by the motto ‘go big or go home.’ “I want to be the new Al Pacino,” he revealed during a meeting with Alba Theater director Saskia Mees back in 2015, adding, “I’ll start acting [onstage] first, the movie will come later.” It looks like his dreams have already come true, since he also appeared in the successful Blockbuster hit The Mummy.

5) The future looks extremely bright for Marwan! Still can’t get enough of him? Check this news out — Marwan is set to appear in THREE more projects this year. He was cast in the science fiction thriller What Happened To Monday? coming out in August. Then he’ll collaborate with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer in Murder on the Orient Express, followed by Netflix series The Angel. Look out, Hollywood!

HollywoodLifers, are you excited to see Marwan in the upcoming Aladdin movie?!