‘Jackass’ Steve-O Pulls Off Insane Cup Trick From 2 Arms Badly Burned In A Stunt

Now that HAD to hurt. Steve-O injured his arms badly in a stunt gone awry on July 5. So of course the thing to do was perform another trick that required him to use his torched limbs the NEXT day! See the insane stunt here!

Steve O
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Image Credit: Courtesy of TMZ

Jackass star Steve-O, 43, is totally fearless. Sometimes to his detriment. Steve wanted to show off his gymnastics skills on July 6, which would have been totally cool if his arms hadn’t just been burnt to a crisp in a stunt involving rocket fuel he performed the DAY BEFORE for a new project he’s working on with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine. But, ever the cool guy, he decided to proceed without caution! Steve pulled off an absolutely insane cup trick using his two badly burned arms while performing at the Comedy Works club in Denver.

TMZ got an exclusive clip of the stunt Steve nailed, even though his arms were still red and peeling! You know, it would be nasty if it wasn’t so cool! You can see Steve’s absolutely amazing trick in the video below. In the clip, the shirtless daredevil climbs on top of a table and shows off his ability to balance like an Olympian while moving a cup from his forehead all the way down to the tabletop without using his hands! Click here to see pics of Steve-O.

TMZ caught up with Steve-O after the show, who admitted he could hardly handle the pain from the trick. “I’m gonna level with you,” Steve-O said. “I’m a gnarly guy and I can almost not handle how bad this has been. I don’t know how I got through a whole show and did that f**king cup trick tonight.” He then had assistance while peeling off his bandages and exposing his red and blistered arms. Ah, sick!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the crazy trick Steve-O performed just days after badly burning both his arms in ANOTHER wild stunt? Let us know below!

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