Steve-O: ‘Jackass’ Star Severely Burned During Insane Stunt With Rocket Fuel

This is why you don’t play with fire. Steve-O, the infamous 'Jackass' stuntman, was nearly burnt to a crisp while performing a 'fire angels stunt' that had him roll around in a bed of rocket fuel!

First off, be careful when watching these new videos involving Steve-O, because they’re really gross. The 43-year-old star of Jackass, Wildboyz and Dr. Steve-O is lucky to be alive, as he suffered what looks to be first and second degree burns after pulling off a stunt for an upcoming comedy special. In a video released to TMZ, Steve-O’s arms and chest are covered in these stomach-churning blisters, some of which are visibly filled with liquid. It’s really gross to watch. After seeing these injuries, it’s obvious just how dangerous his stunt really was.

So what did Steve-O do to injure himself so badly? “You know what I did?” Steve-O said in “Don’t Be A Dick – Part 2,” a video he uploaded to his YouTube account (also, don’t watch that if you have a weak stomach.) “When you haul out a rocket engine? The rocket engine fuel…if you take that powder, it shoots out a full flash explosion.” Steve-O said that for the grand finale of his special, he did a bunch of “dumb stunts” that pretty came close to burning him alive. “I put a teacup full of the stuff on top of my head and I just f*cking put a blanket of the sh*t on the floor and f*cking laid in it. I was making snow angels with rocket engine fuel.”

Steve-O told TMZ that this comedy special was his attempt of “marrying all my different worlds all together in one thing.” Though Steve-O is known for his repulsive and outrageous stunts, he’s actually a professionally trained clown, per the Irish Examiner. He graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Clown College in 1997, three years before he joined Johnny Knoxville, 46, Jeff Tremaine, 50, and the rest of the Jackass crew to create the worldwide phenomenon. By the way: Jeff is the director behind this new comedy special, so while Jackass is off the air, its spirit still lives on.

His first stand-up special, Guilty As Charged, saw him get tazed with 50,000 volts, according to Uproxx. It sounds like he wanted to top that stunt with something that came close to burning him to death. Steve-O says that after he’s done doing “fire angels,” he reveals the “true motivation” that ties it all together, though viewers might be left with a different impression. “If anybody ever thought I was a gnarly crazy guy before,” he told TMZ, “They are going to be ‘whoa, I didn’t realize he was that gnarly and crazy.'” Yeah, no need to worry about that, Steve-O. Everyone thinks you’re pretty damn gnarly and crazy.

Are you going to watch Steve-O’s new special, HollywoodLifers? Do you think he should continue to play with fire?

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