Rachel Lindsay Admits She Freaked When Bryan Touched Her Weave & Fans Totally Relate

Bryan Abasolo couldn't keep his hands out of Rachel Lindsay's hair on the June 26 episode of 'The Bachelorette'! She admitted afterward that she was NOT about all the touching, though, and an overwhelming number of fans flooded Twitter to agree!

Rachel Lindsay
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Rachel Lindsay seemed to truly enjoy herself while on a one-on-one date with Bryan Abasolo on The Bachelorette, but there was one part of their day together that she didn’t love. “Every time Bryan put his hands in my hair my weave screamed!!!!” Rachel tweeted during the June 26 episode. Bryan was not shy about getting handsy and making a move during the one-on-one — he also told Rachel he was “falling in love” with her — but apparently he took it just a little too far with all the hair grabbing. After Rachel sent that tweet, many of her fans immediately began pointing out that they could relate, and they even started the hashtag #RespectTheWeave. Check out some of the hilarious reactions below!

Seeing Rachel and Bryan together was a refreshing break during this week’s episode, as so much of the focus was on the drama between Kenny and Lee. The guys’ feud, which began last week, was highlighted through the entire two hours, ending with the pair being taken on a dreaded two-on-one date. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see which (if any) of the guys she keeps around until next week! Despite all the hair touching, though, Bryan did get a rose after his one-on-one, so clearly it wasn’t a deal breaker!

Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette has been a bit overshadowed throughout the last few weeks as drama from the set of Bachelor in Paradise has been taking over the headlines. However, now that the investigation is complete and Warner Bros. found there was “no misconduct” between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, the focus can be back on Rachel and her guys as the season continues!



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