Ansel Elgort Reveals He Did All His Own Stunts In Action-Packed ‘Baby Driver’ — Watch

Forget stunt doubles, Ansel Elgort's got it covered! EXCLUSIVELY spoke with the talented actor at the premiere of 'Baby Driver' in NYC, where revealed that he actually 'jumped over cars' in the film!

Speeding car chases, dangerous jumps, no problem… for Ansel Elgort that is! The actor, 23, actually performed his own stunts in his upcoming film, Baby Driver, set to hit theaters everywhere, June 28! At the Cinema Society and Avion screening of Baby Driver on Monday, June 26 at the Metrograph in New York City, Ansel told EXCLUSIVELY, all of the details that went into playing the lead role. The actor admitted that there were so many elements that went into the character of Baby, that his prep time was weeks-long. Ansel even revealed that he had some “ride or die” friends on hand at the big event.

Edgar Wright, 43 — director of Baby Driver — shared the spotlight with Ansel at the premiere. And, we caught up with him, where he said that Ansel was the perfect choice to play Baby. As for the other stars who came out to support the young actor? —  Anne Hathaway, 34, David Harbour, 42, Sebastian Stan, 34, Rosario Dawson, 38, and more were all in attendance. When we spoke with Ansel, he discussed what it was like to work with such “legends,” Jon Hamm, 46, and Jamie Foxx, 49. So, let’s get to our interview!

Did you have a lot of training for the driving scenes in the film? 
AE: There’s a lot of elements that go into this role. The movie has a lot of details — Baby speaks in sign language, Baby has a southern accent, Baby does choreography to different music. Baby is a very full character with a lot of details. We did a lot of prep… about a month of rehearsal for the driving, sign language and choreography. I did all of my own stunts.. jumping over cars and what not, so a lot went into it.
What was it like working alongside Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx? 
AE: Those guys are the most generous guys I’ve been able to work with. Surprisingly, because they’re such big stars. They really are just so generous and so nice.. just great spirits. And, you know why they’re such legends and why they’ve been able to work for so long, because everyone loves them.
If you were to rob a bank in real life, who would be your gang that you would take with you? 
AE: Actually I have a bunch of friends here [at the premiere]. You know, my ride or dies hinting at a joke from the film]. They’re literally my ride or dies, so I would take them. All my real homies — the kind of homies that if you were on the street in a fight, they would jump in. We’d have each other’s backs. I’d be the wheel man [the driver] since I’m the most seasoned veteran in that. And, if you saw the movie, Baby Driver, I pull off a few heists in that and those are all real [jokes] — it’s a documentary film called Baby Driver and it’s actually about me .. no I’m joking. So yeah, I’ve done it before, sort of, in a movie. It’s sort of that, I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV — I’m not a getaway driver, but I play one in movies.

HollywoodLifers, are you planning on seeing Baby Driver?

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