Kim Kardashian: The Terrifying Surgery She’s Avoiding By Using A Surrogate — Expert Speaks

Kim Kardashian may be nervous about surrogacy, but speaking with an expert exclusively, we learned it's her 'best option' & it's safer. After all, the surgery she could need for a safe delivery sounds so scary!

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Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian, 36, and Kanye West, 40, are apparently set on adding to their family of four. While they’re already the proud parents of North West, 4, and Saint West, 1, the two are desperate for more kids — despite it being very “risky” for Kim to carry a child herself. To make their dreams of having a large family a reality, the couple have reportedly looked into surrogacy. And while expensive, it turns out hiring a surrogate is definitely their best option — for the sake of Kim’s health! In fact, they’ve reportedly already hired someone to carry baby number three!

However, if Kim DID decide to give birth herself, she would be risking a lot. “Kim had placenta accreta with her last two pregnancies. That means the vessels of the placenta literally grow into the uterus, and so when you deliver the placenta you are more at risk for bleeding,” Dr. Sherry A. Ross, women’s health expert and author of She-ologyThe Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period., told EXCLUSIVELY. “It puts her at a higher risk; life threatening is a bit dramatic, but it’s definitely higher risk. She would be in jeopardy of needing a hysterectomy.” Yikes!

A hysterectomy is a “major surgery” to remove a woman’s uterus, according to WebMD, and it’s typically used as a last resort because it can be dangerous. Possible risks include: vaginal prolapse — which is when part of the vagina comes out of the body — chronic pain, blood clots, and hemorrhage. Wow! We do not blame Kim for opting for surrogacy instead! However, using a surrogate comes with its downsides too — including cost! While a hysterectomy can cost up to $11,739, Kim and Kanye are reportedly dropping $113,000 on a surrogate!

“It’s a really great option, it’s just very expensive,” Dr. Ross explained. “It’s 50-80 thousand dollars for the average surrogacy. You have to pay for the in vitro, you have to pay the surrogate, then there’s the attorney’s fees. It’s very pricey.” Kimye will reportedly also be paying the agency they went through — dishing out a whopping $68,850 as an upfront deposit. And while using a surrogate SEEMS like a simple solution, it’s actually quite a process — and it can take a while to find success.

“The surrogate will likely carry Kim and Kanye’s embryo. They’ll do IVF and transfer their embryo into the surrogate. It’s a fantastic option,” Dr. Ross said. “Kim would go through the start of the IVF procedure and get meds to make her ovaries create a lot of follicles, or eggs. The doctor would then remove the eggs from the follicles when they’re ready, and they would put the egg with Kanye’s sperm in a little petri dish and pick the  best embryos based on how well those embryos grew, and then implant one or two.”

On top of that, “the surrogate is also primed with hormones, and then the embryos are put into her uterus and the process begins.” Whew! Sounds like an exhausting journey! But if Kim and Kanye truly are set on expanding their fam, we’re sure they’ll make it happen no matter what! We’re just happy they’re reportedly not planning on putting Kim’s health on the line.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do you think using a surrogate is the best option for Kim and Kanye? Do you think they’ll follow through with it?

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