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Danielle Bregoli: Is ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Dating NBA Young Boy? — The Truth

Hold up, is 14-year old Danielle Bregoli really dating NBA Young Boy? has EXCLUSIVELY learned the truth behind what's going on with the 'Cash Me Outside' girl and the rapper.

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We’re not the relationship police or anything, but NBA Young Boy, 17, totally snitched on himself by posting a seemingly romantic picture of Danielle Bregoli, 14, on Instagram, according to MTO News. She’s only 14-years old, which would make their rumored romance illegal in the United States. Thankfully, the rapper’s social media post looks more racy than it actually is. “Danielle and Young Boy only met a couple days ago and seem to be just friends,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY, noting that we probably shouldn’t read too much into their obvious online flirting and red heart emojis.

The whole situation is kinda’ strange though because both the “Cash Me Outside” girl and the rising hip-hop star deleted all traces of each other on Instagram soon after. Young Boy posted a picture with Danielle first, in which he’s holding a wad of cash and she’s standing in front of a piano in a tight, cleavage-bearing tank top. He captioned it, “When you with me you ain’t got nothing to worry about.” Danielle shared a similar picture on her account right away, writing, “I know we got one thing in common, we both want dough.” Young Boy then COMMENTED on her picture — “When I first met you I had to stare you done.”

At such an impressionable age, the reality star who rose to fame on Dr. Phil should be careful with the company she keeps. At 14 Danielle shouldn’t be sexually involved with anyone — the girl can’t even drive herself to the dude’s house! The fiery redhead recently dropped $90,000 on a brand new Porsche, but who the heck is driving that thing? Danielle can’t get a driver’s permit for another year in the state of Florida. Slow down girl, enjoy your teenage years before they’re gone!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Danielle and Young Boy have something going on?