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Danielle Bregoli: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl, 14, Drops $90k On Stunning Porsche: But Who’s Driving It?

Danielle Bregoli's treated herself to new wheels, despite not having her license OR permit! At 14, 'Cash Me Outside' girl is making 7 figures, & we learned exclusively what she's doing with her Porsche.

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Must be nice to be Danielle Bregoli, 14! Since becoming a viral sensation after appearing on a December 2016 episode of Dr. Phil, “Cash Me Outside” girl officially has a lucrative career — just by being herself! In fact, she’s doing SO well, that she recently bought herself a Porsche Panamera 4s Hybrid, and spoke to Danielle’s rep EXCLUSIVELY about her expensive new purchase, and how she’s planning on using it even without a driver’s license! The fancy white car cost a whopping $90,000 and “has all the bells and whistles.” However, she hasn’t done anything — yet — to trick it out!

Since Danielle doesn’t have her license yet, her security team currently drives her around in the car. However, she will be getting her permit in 10 months. Until then, it sounds like she’s got a nice little chauffeur arrangement going on! “Danielle has earned well into the seven figures at this point and wanted to buy herself something,” Danielle’s rep told us. And we don’t blame her! After all, the teen is hitting the road on tour, which could earn her up to $50,000 per show. So clearly that $90k was nothing for her!
Danielle apparently has other tricks up her sleeve aside from just her tour though. It’s also been rumored that the teen is going to star in her own reality series (details have not been released yet.) She even spent time with well-known producers, Mark Batson and Che Pope, at the beginning of April, sparking talk that she may be trying to get into the music industry as well. This girl is making moves!

"Cash Me Outside" Girl Danielle Bregoli posing with her $90,000 Porsche

As of right now though, she’s enjoying her new car. And while she has no road trips planned in the near future, her team is pretty confident she’ll be spotted riding around LA. Sadly though, she will NOT be getting “Cash Me Outside” on her license plate. We had to ask LOL.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you shocked Danielle spent $90,000 on a car at such a young age? Do you like the one she picked?