Julia Roberts Takes Us Back To The 90s By Recreating Iconic ‘Pretty Woman’ Shopping Scene

This is HUGE! Julia Roberts was spotted recreating the shopping scene from 'Pretty Woman' and it was epic. Can we talk about how Julia looks exactly the same as she did in 1990? Amazing!

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Image Credit: NGRE / BACKGRID

Pretty Woman, walkin’ down the street! Someone at the Italian fashion brand Calzedonia had the genius idea of getting spokesmodel Julia Roberts, 49, to recreate the iconic scene from Pretty Woman for their latest commercial. You know the one! Julia strutted down the streets of West Hollywood on June 14, looking stunning as ever with an armful of shopping bags. It was clear that the ad is a modernized version of the scene from her 1990 film, although we couldn’t see what happens inside the store. But after watching the movie about a million times, we have a pretty good idea.

So how is this a remake? For those of you not in the know, Pretty Woman is about a prostitute named Vivian (Julia) who hooks up with a super rich businessman (Richard Gere) and they wind up falling in love. Now that Vivian’s living the wealthy lifestyle, she has to get used to the finer things. At first, she’s still wearing her trashy street clothes everywhere she goes. When she attempts to go into a posh Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills to shop for pricey clothes, the salesperson is incredibly rude to her. Later in the movie, after receiving a major makeover and full access to tons of money, she goes on a shopping spree.

With tons of bags on her arm, she goes into the same store to give the salesperson a piece of her mind. The salesperson doesn’t recognize Vivian and is all too happy to help her, knowing that she has money. “You work on commission, right?” Vivian asks her. “Big mistake! Big! HUGE!” she yells while shaking the shopping bags in her face. Epic, right? Something else that stood out about Julia’s commercial shoot is the fact that she looks just as good at nearly 50 years old as she did at 22. It’s insane!

HollywoodLifers, is Pretty Woman one of your favorite movies? Let us know!

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