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Tiny & Bernice Burgos Get In Screaming Fight After T.I.’s New GF Calls Family Home

Uh oh! The 's' really hit the fan between Tameka 'Tiny' Harris and her estranged hubby T.I.'s new lady Bernice Burgos. HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVE details on how they came voice to voice over the phone and the confrontation was beyond ugly.

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The last thing T.I. needs in his life is his current lady Bernice Burgos, 37, having any contact with his broken hearted estranged wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41. Unfortunately the Love & Hip Hop star wanted to hear her honey’s voice and called up the phone at his home office, only to have Tiny on the receiving end! “Bernice called TIP’s office number at the house and Tiny accidentally picked up and it was a wrap! Tiny went in! She was yelling and screaming louder than and fire truck in traffic. She basically told Bernice she’s the cause of ruining her marriage and her life,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Oh man, we’ve seen on the former couple’s reality show The Family Hustle how Tiny is capable of a take down and she’s one tough cookie!

“Tiny was hot on the call, and so too was Bernice. They were equally shouting to the point where one couldn’t hear what the other was saying. Bernice is slightly embarrassed because she never wanted to ever speak to Tiny, especially not under these circumstances. She’s so upset and is going to tell Tip how his wife has verbally abused her,” our insider adds. Here a tip for Tip, don’t go giving out numbers to phones inside your family home to other women! That’s what private smartphones are for.

Poor Tiny! The last thing she needs is a reminder that her hubby of six years and the father to three of her kids has already moved on from their marriage. He officially accepted her divorce papers in Apr. and hasn’t been shy about stepping out with gorgeous reality star Bernice. As long as she’s in the picture, there’s no chance that T.I. and Tony could reconcile.

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