Johnny Depp Grabs Jimmy Kimmel For Massive Make Out Session — Watch

The bromance continues! Johnny Depp is promoting his latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' flick and stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on May 18. As he made his way onstage, the star kept up with tradition by making out with the host and we've got the video.

Johnny Depp Jimmy Kimmel
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Bow down! Johnny Depp, 53, has returned to his movie superstar status with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales dropping soon and he paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 18 to chat up the film. He’s made a habit over the years of grabbing Jimmy and giving him a huge kiss and this appearance was his biggest make-out session yet. His entrance onto the show was one for the ages, as he took a white bandana of his pocket and dropped it on the ground, making Jimmy get out of his chair to come over and pick it up. Of course as soon the host handed it to him, Johnny grabbed his face with both hands and planted the longest kiss on his lips! Oh the bromance between these two, it is still alive and well.

Johnny was a little jet lagged, as he just went from Shanghai to Paris and then to LA for the promotional tour. He wore a black shirt with a pinstripe vest and a distressed tan fedora. Of course he had on his trademark jewelry, featuring tons of rings, bracelets and several beaded necklaces. Oh man does this guy know how to accessorize! He even had a shiny left earring consisting of four dangling hoops.

Jimmy brought up his two kids, 18-year-old Lily Rose and 15-year-old Jack. The host asked if he was teaching his son how to drive because he’s right about at the age to get his permit. The actor looked completely befuddled at the notion, like how on Earth would that EVER be a possibility. “I’m not teaching him ow to drive. He has my instincts and he’s crashed about five golf carts,” he replied. When asked if Jack golfs, Johnny let out a big “Nope!”

The superstar recounted his recent trip to Disneyland where he tried to trick riders on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride by getting in costume then coming to life as the boats passed. He said it totally bombed, as he even specifically called out tourists like “hey you in the purple shirt” and got nothing out of them. He said they just held up their phones, filmed him and moved along. Johnny thinks it was because they had already seen Captain Jack a few times already on the ride. “That’s the cheapest animatronic I’ve ever seen,” he joked about how he looked.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Johnny’s appearance on Kimmel? Are you excited for his new Pirates of the Caribbean film?

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