Katy Perry Admits She ‘Over-Sexualized’ Herself Early In Her Career — Watch

Katy Perry has been a bombshell beauty since early on in her career, regularly donning sexy pin-up model outfits and knowing just how to get the crowd worked up. But does she regret her image now? Katy revealed to fans in a May 12 Q&A that she 'over-sexualized' herself early on.

Katy Perry
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Katy Perry, 32, treated her fans to a live video chat on May 12 to celebrate the release of her “Bon Appetit” music video. The answered questions ranging from how her pet Kitty Perry is doing (well, in case you were wondering) and if she’s seen Selena Gomez‘s new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, yet (no, but she “can’t wait to!”).

But the most powerful thing the songstress revealed was how she had portrayed herself early in her career, and how she feels about that decision now.

“This is hard for me to say, but I feel like maybe I over-sexualized myself a little bit growing up and maybe in the first part of my career because it was one of the ways I got attention and I think that’s because of my past, stuff that had happened in my past,” Katy said to her fans.

“And since I’ve been through my healing I don’t fear intimacy and I don’t see myself over-sexualizing myself, I feel very sexually empowered. It’s different now.”

We are so glad to hear that Katy has made peace with whatever inner demons she was dealing with and now she can embrace herself and how she wants to appear to the rest of the world.

Since her very amicable breakup with long time beau Orlando Bloom, 40, Katy has dyed her hair platinum blonde and buzzed off her locks. She really seems to be owning the look and enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to worry about what other people think.

Fans absolutely loved Katy’s little Q&A and are even more excited now for her next album to drop!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Katy’s brave statements? Give us all your thoughts below!

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