Prom 2017: How To Ask A Guy To Prom & Break The Stigma

Come on ladies, it's 2017, which means there's no need to wait around for a boy to ask you to prom. Instead, take charge yourself and ask HIM to the big dance! Need some inspo? We've got you covered. From the romantic to the comical, find ideas here that'll sweep your man off his feet!

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Promposal Ideas
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Throw “tradition” out the window and take matters into your own hands this prom season! Have your eye on a special someone? Go ahead and ASK them to prom gosh darn it! Enough with subtly dropping hints or asking your friends to talk to his friends. It’s time to put on your big girl pants and whip up a killer poster or some “Prom?” cupcakes and ask him what he should have asked YOU a long time ago!

To compete with some of the elaborate promposals taking over social media these days, you pretty much have to go big or go home. But have no fear, just flip through our promposals gallery to get a major wave of inspiration! And yes, while most pics are of guys asking girls, all you have to do is get creative with your role reversal! After all, guys like balloons and pizza just as much as you do! And let’s be real, it’s the thought that counts anyways.

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Everyone knows the best way to someone’s heart is through food. Ask your BF or crush to prom using the typical heart-shaped pizza idea, a box of donuts, or even candy bars laid out on a poster telling a cute story. We’ve even seen people get asked to prom using tacos — now THAT’S hard to say no to! You can also make your guy work for it a little bit by having him complete a word puzzle. Obvi the solution will spell out, “Will you go to prom with me?”

If you want to playfully embarrass him a bit — and you’ve got the guts to do it — ask him in front of his teammates or friends. You can even have his pals participate in the action by spelling out prom on their chests and lifting their shirts when the time is right. If you’re more into a casual approach though, try writing “Prom?” on a basketball — or any other kind of ball — and toss it to him before he heads into the locker room. Any way you do it, you KNOW he’s going to be super shocked, not to mention majorly impressed by your confidence! So what are you waiting for?