‘L&HH’s Biggest Feuds: Mimi Faust Vs. Joseline Hernandez, Karlie Redd & More

The hit VH1 'Love & Hip Hop' franchise never disappoints with jaw-dropping moments, constantly delivering the most epic drama imaginable. Whether it's a feud between the ladies or the guys puffing up their chests to fight, fans just can't get enough!

‘L&HH’s Biggest Feuds
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Love & Hip Hop: New York, Atlanta and Hollywood have aired over sixteen seasons, and somehow they manage to outdo themselves every single time. Viewers didn’t know what to expect when tuning in to watch the lives and relationships unfold of musicians, performers, managers and record producers — and now they can’t turn away. The cast members have become viral sensations of their own, especially after airing out their dirty laundry on live television. Here’s a list of some of the biggest and most epic feuds that have taken place on the hit VH1 reality series.

1.) Mimi Faust vs. Joseline Hernandez

The beef between these ladies goes a long way back, as they’ve both been romantically linked to Stevie J, 45. It was clear this love triangle was bound to get wild, since he tried to juggle both boss babes at the same time. However, tension reached a new level when Joseline Hernandez, 30, called his ex, “Molly da maid,” during season 2. These ladies still barely tolerate each other.

2.) Karlie Redd vs. Khadiyah Lewis

Cue the song, “Don’t mess with my man.” As fans of the show know, Karlie Redd, 38, and Khadiyah Lewis previously fought over Yung Joc, 33, during season three. Karlie began to notice something fishy was going on when her co-star ended up always tagging along with her beau. She wasn’t playing around and cut right to the chase by boldly asking Khadiyah, “Are you f*cking my man?” Khadiyah shockingly responded, “Every night,” leading Karlie to begin swinging!

3.) Stevie J vs. Nikko

Stevie J shares a daughter with Mimi, making them connected for life. So of course when Nikko swooped in and made a sex tape with his ex, it didn’t sit too well with him — especially after he tried to bank even more off Mimi after their split. Nikko demanded twenty-five percent of Mimi’s book profits, so Stevie decided to take matters into his own hands. When Nikko didn’t agree, they nearly came to blows! Their feud reached a boiling point during the season two reunion.

‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ — PICS

4.) Cisco vs. Rich vs. MariahLynn

The “Creep Squad” is known for valuing bros before…you know the rest. While discussing who founded the group, things got physical between Rich Dollaz, 45, Cisco, and Mariahlynn. During the LHHNY reunion, the audience agreed that Rich Dollaz is the originator, and Peter Gunz, 50, also had a high-ranking. However, Cisco then dissed Rich, claiming that he’s jealous of his star status. Cisco attempts to fight his friend, but he’s stopped by security. Mariahlynn also threatened to throw a shoe at Rich, since she revealed just how much she didn’t like him.

5.) Cardi B vs. Asia

Things escalated pretty quickly between Cardi B, 24, Asia, on the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion on Feb. 20, 2017. Cardi B took off her massive, red Gucci heel and chucked it right at Asia’s face because “that’s what happen when you talk sh-t.” Cardi B claimed that Asia was “talking sh-t” about her via text message with Asia’s ex, Swift. Apparently Asia texted Swift and questioned him about flirting with the rapper, causing an all out war when they met up. Yikes!

6.) Tara Wallace vs. Amina Buddafly vs. Peter Gunz

Oh, Peter. He was at the center of the blood-boiling feud between two loving women. It’s the story that drove everyone crazy, as the reality star couldn’t decide between them — try as he might. Peter has three children with Tara Wallace, 34, and two with Amina Buddafly, 33, but he’s also the father of five other children. Even though he eventually married Amina after breaking Tara’s heart, he’s now actively pursuing Tara again as he recently asked Amina for a divorce.

7.) Princess Love vs. Morgan

Morgan Hardman, 32, was often crap-talking to Princess Love‘s, 32, BF, Ray J, 36, when they were filming. Things got especially crazy in part two of the Love & Hop Hop: Hollywood reunion special. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when Ray asked his leading lady, “Can you please go knock her out real quick?” She was more than up for the task and flew over to her nemesis, leading to hair-pulling and punching! Luckily, L&HH is trying to curb the violence in the future.

8.) Shanda vs. Kyesha

Shanda, 31, and Willie, 35, seemed like one of the cutest married couples on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, until a woman named Kyesha surfaced, claiming she’s been hooking up with Shanda’s husband for 10 years. He denied the claims entirely, only owning up to exchanging X-rated text messages. Things quickly escalated when they met up to discuss Willie’s “double life.” Shanda couldn’t handle the “bullsh*t” and ended up hitting Kyesha across the table.

HollywoodLifers, which feud shocked YOU the most? (since there’s plenty to choose from).

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