Cardi B. Hurls Her Shoe At Asia In Wild Brawl During ‘L&HH’ Reunion — Watch

Cardi B took her argument with Asia to an outrageous level on the 'Love & Hip Hop New York' reunion, Feb. 20 when she got physical! Cardi B didn't like what Asia had to say, so she threw her giant Gucci stiletto at her face! Watch the explosive moment go down!

Cardi B Throws Shoe Asia
Image Credit: Courtesy of VH1

Things escalated pretty quickly between Cardi B, 24, Asia, on the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion on Feb. 20. Cardi B took off her massive, red Gucci heel and chucked it right at Asia’s face because “that’s what happen when you talk sh-t” according to the rapper. See her lose it in the clip from the reunion, below!

Cardi B claimed that Asia was “talking sh-t” on her via text message with Asia’s ex, Swift. Apparently Asia texted Swift and questioned him about flirting with Cardi B, and that’s when the supposed “sh-t talking” went down.

When Cardi B became calm, she did admit to Asia that “maybe it was wrong for me and Swift to flirt,” even though she was unaware that he had a girlfriend. But, things got turned up a notch when Cardi B said, “At the end of the day you still didn’t like me… you been not liking me because you judge women like me. You judged me before you knew me.” Yikes.

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But, Asia claimed she didn’t judge Cardi for no reason. She said that she “had a reason,” which she explained earlier [aka the texts to Swift because he was flirting with Cardi B]. But, Cardi B didn’t like how Asia was explaining herself. Cardi B started screaming over and over, “What was the reason, b-tch” as to why Asia judged her.

Cardi B pleaded with Asia to tell the truth. The artist claimed that Asia judged her because she was a stripper. Asia kept her composure, and just said no. But then, Asia egged Cardi B on when it sounded like she made a reference to fighting, and that’s when Cardi B got up for another round of battle. However, this time, she was quickly put down by security guards.

By the end of the clip, Swift admitted that he isn’t with Cardi B or Asia. He did reveal that he works with Cardi B, and she continued to flirt with him. Swift apologized to Asia for his actions with Cardi B while they were together, so it looks like there’s not bad blood there.

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