Louis Tomlinson Defends Eleanor Calder After She’s Slammed Against Wall — Watch

Let this be a lesson to everyone -- don't mess with Louis Tomlinson's woman! Poor Eleanor Calder was slammed against a wall during the nasty LAX brawl, forcing the former One Direction singer into protective mode. Watch the shocking footage, here!

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Louis Tomlinson Defends Eleanor Calder
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Violence is one thing, but protecting your loved ones is another. Louis Tomlinson, 25, is in hot water with the law for attacking a photographer inside LAX airport. Judging by the fan-recorded footage, it looks like the One Direction hottie was trying to protect his girlfriend Eleanor Calder from getting her picture taken. The altercation unfortunately takes an aggressive turn when poor Eleanor gets slammed into a wall on her way out of LAX.

Two female fans (wearing grey hoodies) were reportedly waiting to meet the couple, but when Eleanor wasn’t in the mingling mood, they lashed out at her. Towards the end of the video you can see the brunette beauty (in the blue tracksuit) getting smashed into a wall and thrown onto the ground. Eventually Eleanor finds her footing, but the damage had already been done. Louis was arrested minutes later by Los Angeles police at 11:45pm for battery after attacking the photographer, tackling him to the ground, and possibly breaking his camera equipment.

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While we would never condone violence, photographers often veer on the edge of getting TOO close to someone. “The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis,” the star’s team told TMZ. The footage doesn’t exactly show the man getting in Louis’ personal bubble, but instead that he refused to stop following Eleanor. The newly-reunited couple have grown MUCH closer since the passing of Louis’ mother in Dec. Johannah Deakin died at the young at of 43 from leukemia. Eleanor has been Louis’ rock ever since, and he would hate for anything bad to happen to her too! Maybe Louis got a little too over protective!

HollywoodLifers, who was in the wrong at LAX — Louis or the photographer?