‘Gilmore Girls’: Milo Ventimiglia’s Reveals His Shocking Theory About Rory’s Baby Daddy

Milo Ventimiglia has some thoughts about Rory's baby daddy. The 'Gilmore Girls' revealed on the Golden Globes red carpet who he thinks is the father of Rory's child, and his theory is going to blow you away.

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“I don’t think it’s any of the three guys [Jess, Dean, or Logan] at all,” Milo Ventimiglia told our sister site Variety on the Golden Globes red carpet. “No. I don’t know. I haven’t really sat around and thought about it, wondered who it was, so I’ll be just as surprised as anyone else is.”

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Okay, so Dean is married with three kids, so he’s definitely not the dad. Dean and Rory shared a millisecond of a scene in the revival. While most people think it’s Logan, since he and Rory had a tryst throughout A Year In The Life, there are still those out there who are holding out hope that Jess could be the father. We didn’t see everything that went on behind closed doors. And that last look from Jess in the revival just restored hope in Rory and Jess shippers everywhere.

Matt Czuchry knows who the father of Rory’s child is, but he’s not spilling the beans. “If they ever want to reveal that, they can do that, but I think at this particular point, I think the purpose is … to fast forward and say, what kind of mother would Rory be, what kind of grandmother would Lorelai be [and] in terms of whoever the father is would they be in that person’s life,” he told The Huffington Post. “Would it be different from Christopher or would it mirror that completely? Those stories aren’t told yet. I think the fun is for everybody to come up with those theories and play that out in their minds.”

Alexis Bledel hasn’t “heard anything” about more episodes of Gilmore Girls, but she admits that future installments would need to “be about the story and the timing.” Well, finding out who the father of Rory’s child is would be a GREAT story!

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