Tiffany Trump: Inside Her Secret Non-Glamorous Life — She’s No Ivanka

Tiffany Trump is nothing like her older half-sister, Ivanka. In fact, Tiffany's upbringing and lifestyle were very different from Ivanka's. To find out how Tiffany's trying to be her own person and more, keep reading!

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Tiffany Trump, 23, had a lot to live up to growing up. Her older half-sister Ivanka, 35, played a major role in Tiffany’s life from a young age, a new Vanity Fair profile detailed. Despite over a decade separating them in age, the sisters are close and Ivanka has described situations in which she gave her younger sister advice.

A friend of Tiffany’s said, she “is jumping into this whole process with both feet. She hasn’t polished it yet.” The 23 year-old is still learning and Ivanka has been helping her with the onslaught of public attention facing Tiffany as a member of the future First Family. Ivanka shared “all the things she picked up from being famous” with her younger sister like colors to wear on camera and crossing her legs while wearing certain dresses.

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Ivanka has been guiding Tiffany since she was young and the profile made it no secret that Ivanka is regarded as her father’s favorite. In The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life, the elder Trump sister looked back in one passage at a time she helped Tiffany. When Tiffany was 15, she approached Ivanka and told her she wanted a credit card, “not because she was spoiled,” but because her friends all had them. Wow. Tiffany wanted to know how best to talk to her father about it because she had limited access to him after her parents’ divorce. (Tiffany lived in California with her mother Marla Marples, 53, while Donald, 70, lived in New York.) Ivanka told her father about Tiffany’s wish and that year for Christmas, she got the credit card she wanted all thanks to her big sis.

Tiffany was not a frequent sight on the her father’s campaign. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated at the beginning of the summer. Tiffany was apparently denied entry into an all-girl secret society at the University known as the Tabard Society, according to two of its members. A friend of Tiffany’s denies this and she eventually rushed the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and made it.  While at school, Tiffany had a monthly budget of $500 and frequently split the bill with friends at restaurants where she calculated exactly how much she owed. Now, Tiffany has begun scouting out her next step and looking into law school.

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