Joe McKnight: Sheriff Reveals Why Shooter Ronald Gasser Was Released After Tragic Killing

After multiple reports attempted to twist the details of Joe McKnight's murder into a horrific movie plot, we're finally getting the truth. Sheriff Normand of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department held a press conference Dec. 2 to set the record straight about why Ronald Gasser was released after killing Joe. Get the details here.

Why Was Joe McKnight Shooter Released
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Joe McKnight, 28, a former Jets player, was shot and killed by Ronald Gasser, 54, in New Orleans on the afternoon of Dec. 1. The athlete was shot three times, Sheriff Normand of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s department said in a press conference Dec. 2. TMZobtained footage from the press conference.

After Ronald was questioned by authorities, he was released from police custody. As soon as the news broke, the internet went wild. Joe’s friends and former teammates voiced their disbelief and anger on Twitter as they slammed the police for letting Ronald walk. The Sheriff revealed the real reason Joe’s killer has not been charged yet is because they are still trying to speak to more witnesses and gather further evidence into what actually happened before, during and after, the deadly incident.

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He also set the record straight about false details in multiple reports. Here is everything you should know about the tragic killing:

There was a report that claimed a witness saw Ronald standing over Joe’s body and fire shots while screaming “I told you not to f—k with me.” However, that is false. “That witness account … is factually incorrect. It did not happen,” Sheriff Normand said according to TMZ.

Ronald fired all three shots from the driver’s seat of his car. Each shot struck Joe, who was standing at his passenger door with the window open.

The coroner revealed that all three shots fired, hit Joe. Based on his wounds, it showed that he couldn’t have been shot from above.

His wounds were detailed as:

— A wound to his left hand and knuckle.
— An entry wound to his right shoulder that went into his right lung cavity.
— Right beneath his right nipple. Entered into the chest, into his liver and into his kidney, and exited through right low back.

“Everybody wants to make this about race. This isn’t about race,” the Sheriff said during the conference. Police said it “is still being researched,” if Ronald even had a license to carry a gun. We will keep you updated as this story develops.

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