Dylan Rieder Cause Of Death: Type Of Leukemia That Ended Skateboarder’s Life

On the heels of Dylan Rieder's much-too-sudden death, HollywoodLife.com has reached out to the skateboarder's father, Joe, for an EXCLUSIVE comment on the type of leukemia that ended the athlete's life. We've got the heartbreaking details, right here.

Dylan [Rieder] was battling leukemia for two years, and his body actually responded well to ‘sister cell’ treatment that he received at the City of Hope Hospital for acute lymphocytic leukemia,” Joe tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He had an amazing medical staff there. He had been through a lot over the past couple of years fighting the disease and finally passed away peacefully on Wednesday.”

Pitching in on the subject is Dr. Bruce Lee, M.D, who explains to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that ‘sister cell’ treatment means that “stem cells from siblings may be transplanted into the affected individual which can then help to produce healthy blood cells.” Dylan’s younger sister Makenna could have been the one offering her stem cells to help him get better.

Acute lymphocytic leukemia is a type of cancer that specifically targets the bone marrow and affects our body’s white blood cells. Symptoms may include extreme bruising, bone pain, ongoing infections, and enlarged lymph nodes, according to the Mayo Clinic. It was reported the day of his death on Oct. 12 that his organs, mainly his liver, shut down. Acute lymphocytic leukemia is categorized as a rare disease that affects fewer than 200,000 people each year.

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Dylan, 28, lives on in the hearts of his family and friends. To mourn the loss of the professional skater-turned model, stars like Ryan Sheckler, Sharon Osbourne, and Cara Delevingne took to social media to share sweet messages about their late friend. Dylan competed in the X Games and Street League before dipping his toe in the modeling pool. DKNY featured Dylan in their 2014 Spring Campaign, in which he worked alongside the Paper Towns actress and Jourdan Dunn. As for his personal life, there are Instagram-based hints that Dylan was in a relationship with French model Camille Rowe in 2014. He was loved by SO many, and his legacy will surely live on!

Per Dylan’s family’s wishes, those who want to honor Dylan’s memory can make a donation to the cancer-fighting organization City of Hope:

City of Hope
Attention: Philanthropy
1500 E Duerte Rd.
Duerte, CA 91010

HollywoodLifers, please leave your touching words for Dylan’s family and friends in the comment section.

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