Trump Brags About Melania Being ‘Terrific’ In Bed Year Before Lewd Video — Watch

Can you say EW? Donald Trump has a long history of saying gross, misogynistic things in public, but this time it was about his wife! Listen to him brag about having sex with Melania Trump after the jump!

Donald Trump, 70, was visiting the Howard Stern Show in 2004, after The Apprentice had just entered its first season, when he decided to share way too much information with listeners. Howard dived into the interview by asking Trump about his new fiancée, Melania Knauss (now wife Melania Trump), and what she was like in bed. Rather than demurring, Trump was all too happy to divulge the details on the famously raunchy talkshow.

“[Melania] is terrific in bed,” Trump said. “She wouldn’t want me to say that, but she is.” Ew. If know she wouldn’t want you to say something so private, then don’t say it! To Trump’s credit, when Howard pressed about the specific details of their sex life, he didn’t get into it. “She’s just overall terrific [in bed],” he said.

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Still gross! The interview was revealed on October 8, just one day after a shocking, extremely lewd conversation he had in 2005 with then Access Hollywood host Billy Bush surfaced! Not only did Trump brag about making unwanted sexual advances on women (grabbing them “by the p***y”), he said that he had tried to put the moves on a married woman.

Turns out, it was Billy’s cohost, Nancy O’dell! Omg! He completely slut-shamed Nancy, saying she had “big phony t*ts.” It was disgusting. Trump has since apologized.

The Howard Stern Show interview also happened during the first season of The Apprentice. Trump, as previously told you, was accused of sexual harassment by 20 crew members and contestants, who separately told the AP about Trump’s alleged gross behavior.

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