‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Courting Family Nanny As His 5th Wife? — Report

Kody Brown could be making his family drama even messier. As some of his wives are ready to split, he's reportedly going for the family nanny, Mindy Jessop -- who happens to be a relative of one of his wives! Get the crazy details right here!

Kody Brown New Wife
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Rumor has it that Kody is looking for new wives, as he’s fed up with all four of his current wives Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine, and he apparently didn’t look very far for someone new. Mindy has appeared on Sister Wives before (Season 5), and although Kody never courted her on the show, she seems to be the frontrunner for wife No. 5.

“Kody’s definitely still talking to Mindy,” a source told Life & Style. “At one point, he was seeing two other women, but I don’t think anything came of that.”

As if it’s not troublesome enough that Kody is going after the woman who is taking care of some of his 18 children, Mindy has one more connection to the family that makes things even more complicated. She’s the step-niece of Robyn, Kody’s one legal wife! Oy vey, he’s just asking for trouble!

Robyn has reportedly been hoping to divorce Kody for quite some time, which has mainly been because he’s looking to take on even more wives. And since a relative of hers is a possibility, we can only imagine how badly she wants out. But it’s apparently all been one vicious cycle, because he’s been courting more women simply for revenge!

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None of Kody’s wives have been very supportive of him lately, another source revealed to Life & Style, which has driven him to look for another woman to make his wife. While one would think he wouldn’t want to get involved with anyone close to the women he’s starting to resent, it sounds like that’s not the case! The insider didn’t elaborate on how serious Kody is about making Mindy his fifth wife, but we’re definitely going to be keeping tabs on this tangled web!

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