Kanye West Confronts J. Cole After He Dissed Kim Kardashian’s Robbery: ‘Be More Responsible’

Kanye West is not letting J. Cole get away with tweeting about Kim Kardashian! Ye confronted his fellow rapper after he seemingly slammed Kim for faking her terrifying robbery in Paris, warning J. Cole that he should be more careful about what he tweets. Get EXCLUSIVE deets here!

Kanye West Confronts J. Cole
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“Kanye fired off a text to J Cole immediately after hearing about J’s tweet questioning Kim’s robbery,” a source revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “J was apologetic and pulled the tweet down immediately after apologizing but the damage was done. Kanye is majorly upset over the diss, he feels disrespected and will not forget that J tweeted that. Even if J’s account was hacked, Kanye feels like that is no good excuse and that J should be more responsible.”

Yikes, J. Cole really made Kanye angry…no matter if he actually tweeted about Kim or not! In case you missed the tweet (it has since been deleted), the 31-year-old rapper seemingly wrote “Kim Kardashian really pullin a publicity stunt smh she pretending she got robbed” on Oct. 3. A series of other rather bizarre messages popped up with the Kim tweet, making fans wonder if J. Cole had been hacked. Hacked or not, though, it sounds like J. Cole couldn’t feel worse about what happened!

Kanye, 39, was in the middle of his performance at the Meadows Festival in New York City on Oct. 2 when he found out that Kim, 35, had been held at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris hotel room that night. He quickly announced to the crowd that he had to cut the show short due to a “family emergency” — which was assumed to be Kim’s robbery — so clearly Kanye would never think this was something his wife would do for a publicity stunt. Besides, who would fake something like that anyway?

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While it’s pretty unlikely Kim faked this scary incident, cops are starting to wonder if it was an inside job. In fact, even the Kardashians apparently think that the robbers were “tipped off”! This whole situation is still being investigated, so we might not the whole truth for some time now. But one thing is for sure: J. Cole will not be saying anything about it on social media!

HollywoodLifers, do you think J. Cole deserved to be confronted by Kanye? Do you think he was actually the one to tweet about Kim? Tell us below!

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