Ashley Graham’s Crazy Confession: Dudes Keep Sending Me D*** Pics On Instagram

Um, block user please? Ashley Graham is just one out of THOUSANDS of women who are helpless victims to unwanted d*** pictures -- and she wants them to stop! The model claims men keep sending R-rated photos to her Instagram account. Read on to hear her confession!

Guys these days have been more explicit than EVER when it comes to flaunting their junk — just look at Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom — but Ashley Graham, 28, is SICK of seeing the D pop up on her Instagram feed! When asked about the strangest message she’s received from online fans, the plus-sized model didn’t even think twice about her answer. “I really think it’s weird when they send me penis pictures [on Instagram],” she confessed to Page Six while walking the red carpet at the VMAs. “It irks me deep inside. Don’t do it, I’ll block you.”

Did you hear that, boys? D-pics need to become a thing of the past, unless specifically asked for, of course. We all know that Ashley is a VERY sexy lady and the first-ever plus-sized model to appear on Sports Illustrated — but she’s married, and doesn’t want random dude’s penises on her phone. Plus, storing and taking naked pictures on your devices can land you in A LOT of embarrassing trouble. Remember the HUGE phone hacking scandal of 2014 that leaked tons of nude photos of celebs like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence?

Speaking on the scandal, The Hunger Games actress admits that she felt a complete invasion of privacy. “Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this,” Jennifer said to Hello, adding, “It does not mean that it comes with the territory.” At the time, a lot of people bashed Jen and other celebrities for TAKING naked photos in the first place, but when you travel a lot for work and have no other choice but to do long distance, sometimes a girl’s gotta get creative!

HollywoodLifers, do YOU have a story similar to Ashley’s?

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