Bella Pendergast: 5 Things To Know About Bella Thorne’s ‘Soul Mate’

You've probably heard the name Bella Pendergast lately, and for good reason! She's Bella Thorne's recent social media obsession, as the two have been spotted locking lips! You may want to remember her name because she and the actress seem to be striking up quite the relationship! Here's what you should know!

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Bella Pendergast, 20, has become quite the overnight online sensation after she and Bella Thorne, 18, were seen locking lips and getting super close following Bella T’s bisexual admission and split with Gregg Sulkin, 24! So, in case you guys forgot, Bella P was dating Bella T’s brother, Remy, 20. She’s known Bella T since she was 15 and they’ve been BFF’s for years. We know guys, it’s a crazy situation…

Now the two Bella’s seem to be involved in a full-on romance after gushing over each other on social media and getting intimate in photos. AND, there’s another twist to the already complicated story — It seems like Bella P MAY have a boyfriend! A guy by the name of Bram Kolber is pictured in multiple photos on her Instagram page, with captions making it pretty clear that there is (or at least was) something romantic going on between the two! SO many questions right now! Well, while we try to figure out what exactly is going on here, we’ve rounded up five key things you should know about Bella P. Check them out below!

1. Bella, who is believed to be a CA native, is an Animal Science (Pre-Vet) student at UC Davis in CA.

It’s clear from her Instagram and Twitter pages that she LOVES animals! She’s picture on both accounts with dogs, horses and many more, so it makes sense that she would chose that major. Bella P has even traveled to Guatemala to provide free healthcare for animals!

2. She used to date Bella T’s brother, Remy.

Bella P was never shy about plastering her relationship with Remy on social media. When she dated him, Bella P became very close with his sister, Bella T and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They’ve attended Coachella together multiple times and she’s even been reported to have attended Bella T’s Quinceañera with Zendaya, 19. What a small world…

3. She’s also Greek! — In the sense that she’s joined a sorority.

According to the organization’s sisterhood website, Bella P is an active member of Kappa Gamma Delta, and her future plans involve being an Animal Surgeon. AW! She credits her sisters and her sorority experience for many of the positive things in her life. We wonder if she’s brought Bella T around the sorority to hang with her sisters?

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4. We already told you she loves animals, but Bella P. rides horses and even competes!

She’s shared SO many pictures of her horse on social media. This picture below shows their first 1st place ribbon, so she must be an extremely talented rider. She’s even admitted that she owns her horse that lives in Rancho Murrieta and rides [him] 5 days out of the week! She also loves to stay active by running.

5. She gives back!

Aside from her fundraising efforts, community service duties, and her animal healthcare, Bella P she’s involved in extra curricular’s on her college campus, as a Campus Coordinator for VIDA Volunteer. We’re not sure how she keeps up her epic social life with close friends like Bella T and has time for alleged romances with all of her other obligations!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Bella and Bella spending time together? Tell us in the comments below!

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