‘AYTO’ Shocker: Tori Reveals She’s Dating Morgan’s Roommate — Mike From Season 3

What a small world it is. Tori Deal actually found a relationship with her perfect match, Morgan St. Pierre, on season four of 'Are You the One?' but it unfortunately didn't last. So she took to social media on Aug. 18 to reveal she's moved on -- with his roommate. And you know him.

AYTO Morgan Tori Break Up
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Tori Deal is trying to become a rapper so she used this to promote her rap career (smart, right?). With that she posted the following rap on Twitter. We can tell you the last part is the most important. “I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the show, ironically the guy I’m with was really on it though / TD caught the ball, in the end zone Ima spike, I ended it sh-t with Morgan and I started dating Mike / And you might label me a hoe, but I can’t control my feelings and I couldn’t let him go.”

Yes, she is talking about Mike Crescenzo, who was kicked out of the Are You the One? house in season three after getting in a violent fight with Amanda Garcia — she continually hit him with cups and pillows and eventually, he took her by the neck and threw her on the bed; needless to say, he was sent home full of regret. There are rumors, and Mike has even hinted at it himself, that he will appear on the next season of The Real World which was filmed in Seattle.

Tori later posted a video of them kissing in bed, just to prove it’s true.


Now both parties involved have since spoken out via Periscope message — see Mike’s here and Morgan’s here — explaining how it all went down, but for a sum up, yes Morgan and Mike are still roommates, and Mike admitted it was hard and awkward explaining it, but they had started out as friends. Tori was over a lot with Morgan and Mike and her connected on a real friendship level. However, after she and Morgan couldn’t make it work, they realized it was more.

Are you shocked, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Mike and Tori will last? Should they?

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