‘AYTO’ Finale: [Spoiler] Leaves Early & House Risks $75K On Coin Toss

The cast of season three of 'Are You The One?' were hands down the worst at this game so far... so it wasn't surprising that even on the finale, they were struggling. So was it possible to get that perfect 10? A lot (and I mean a lot) went down during the two hour finale of Are You the One? And it started on a not-so-happy note between Amanda and Mike, the non-match that continued to sleep together week after week. However, this week he let himself open up and kiss Kayla -- and Amanda's reaction was not good. At. All.

Are You the one Finale
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To keep it short, she flipped out — got in his face, hit him multiple times with a plastic cup in the forehead, then later in the face with a pillow while he tried to stay calm and sleep. Eventually though, he snapped, he hit her back with a pillow, and then grabbed her by the back of the neck and threw her on the bed. We have to say, it was scary.

Obviously, he crossed a line and was taken out of the house for the night — but I have to admit, why wasn’t she? She was just as angry if not more than he was and she had hit him multiple times. Anyway, the next day, he returned but decided it’d be best for him to leave. They both broke down in tears, and really apologized, but ultimately realized they now knew why they weren’t a match. So, home he went, while his match would remain in the house.

Mom & Dad Are Back

As for the challenge, the house tried throwing the challenge to Stacey and Alec, but couldn’t. So the dates went to Zac and Hannah, Hunter and Britni, and Kayla and Austin. So they went off-roading and the only real sparks seemed to be between Zak and Hannah — talk about L-O-V-E! However, it was Hunter and Britni sent into the truth booth, and they were not a match. That meant mom and dad (Alec and Stacey) had a pretty good shot of being one. 

This time it was all about strategy, so you’d think it would work, right? Uh wrong. Here’s how the first match-up ceremony went:
Kayla picked Hunter
Cheyenne picked Austin
Stacey picked Alec
Britni picked Devin
Hannah picked Zak
Melanie picked Tyler
Kiki picked (an invisible) Mike
Amanda picked Nelson
Rashida picked Chuck

And they got… one new match. After that, all hell broke loose and it ended up being a fight between Chuck and Alec. There was fruit throwing, drink spilling, and pushing.

Leave It Up To Fate

But the next day was a new day — and it was time for the guys to put the girls on their backs and head through an obstacle course. Mel and Tyler, Rashida and Devin and Zak and Kayla went on the date. The group sent in Zak and Kayla to the truth booth and they were a match! Yes, they sat together week one. So could they make it work? Well it was time for the finale ceremony, so they left it up to a coin toss… and Tyler who had to pick between his heart (Mel) and strategy (Cheyenne). So here’s how it all went down:

Austin picked Britni
Hunter picked Hannah
Devin picked Rashida
Tyler picked Cheyenne
Alec picked Amanda
Nelson picked Stacey
Chuck picked Melanie
(Default) Mike picked Kiki

So, did they get it? YES. Apparently the coin flip was a good move because they got a perfect 10 matches. It was absolutely insane and somehow, they won the $75 million. Are you as shocked as I am?

— Emily Longeretta


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