‘Catfish’ Preview: Man Is Convinced He’s Dating Katy Perry In Bizarre Clip — Watch

This is INSANE! A man named Spencer is convinced that he's been dating Katy Perry for the past 6 years in this sneak peek of the Aug. 17 episode of 'Catfish.' He's even ready to propose to the woman he truly believes is the pop singer. Click to WATCH!

Just when you think Catfish can’t get any crazier, the show gets crazier. The man at the center of the new episode is a guy named Spencer, who 100% believes he’s dating Katy Perry. Yes, that Katy Perry. Nev and Max show up to help Spencer’s brother, Sam, get to the bottom of the KP situation.

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“I have been talking to this woman for the last 6 years,” Spencer tells his brother, Nev and Max. “I’m in love with her. She’s awesome. It’s Katy Perry… the singer.”

Spencer’s brother can’t believe what he’s hearing. All he can say is, “Wow.” Apparently, Spencer and “Katy” have been texting and emailing constantly over the years. However, they’ve never skyped each other and have only talked on the phone once. Sketchy.

But the craziness doesn’t stop there. Spencer has made “Katy” a ring! “It’s our great-grandmother’s emerald,” he tells his brother. “I took a diamond ring-like band to it and made a ring. It’s an engagement ring.”

His brother is left stunned. “That’s intense,” Sam says back to his brother. Something tells me that Spencer doesn’t know about Orlando Bloom

Nev reminds Spencer of what it means to be catfished. He warns Spencer that most of the time these relationships don’t work out when the people meet face-to-face. We have a feeling “Katy Perry” isn’t who she says she is. The real Katy Perry has yet to speak out about Spencer’s claims. The new episode of Catfish airs Aug. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

HollywoodLifers, what are your thoughts on Catfish? Would you fall for these tricks? Let us know!

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