Jodi Arias Bombshell: Letter Reveals Plans To Marry & Get Pregnant From Jail — Report

Jodi Arias, the woman charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend in 2008, apparently has a MAJOR masterplan in the works -- and she's conducting it all from behind bars! A new report even claims that the 'evil' plan, revealed in a secret letter she wrote, includes becoming a pregnant bride all while in prison -- yikes!

Jodi Arias Pregnancy Plans
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In a shocking letter, which was allegedly obtained by In Touch mag, Jodi Arias, 36, apparently gives a detailed account of her new love affair with Ben Ernst, along with her wild plan to become his pregnant bride all while incarcerated! Pretty crazy, right? Well, according to the publication, if anyone can pull off such a manipulative stunt it’s Jodi. After all, she was charged with brutally murdering her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, back in 2008.

“There’s no such thing as spur-of-the-moment with Jodi. Travis’ murder is a perfect example of that — she plotted his death for a very long time,” an insider of the publication revealed to the mag. “She is so cold and calculating that she mapped out this masterplan to get the life she’s always wanted. Jodi is an evil genius, and this letter proves that.”

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In the letter Jodi allegedly writes to her mitigation specialist and close friend, Maria De La Rosa, about Ben, her new target groom. “Ben can’t come visit. So, here’s what we need to do. If we marry, then he can petition a court to grant us visitation.” Jodi then goes on to explain the process of becoming legally married from behind bars.

“[Ben] has to go to the courthouse, get the necessary paperwork, have mine sent to me via legal email,” she wrote, continuing on to state that he would sign the paperwork, get it notarized, and then, “He files it and voila! — Spousal rights. It’s official.” But a prison wedding isn’t the only thing Jodi’s reportedly after. She’s also apparently dying for a child — two to be exact.

“You better believe Ben and I would get to consummating — LOL,” she wrote in the letter, according to the magazine. “Jodi wants two kids,” Maria told the publication. “That has always been her dream.” But there is one pretty major obstacle standing in her way — conjugal visits, which allow for intimate relations, are forbidden in Arizona, where Jodi is currently behind bars.

However, even that isn’t necessarily stopping the convicted killer. “I am currently appealing my wrongful conviction,” she wrote. Yikes! Could Jodi actually be set free? Only time will tell!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do you think Jodi can pull off her wild plan from behind bars?

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