Britney Spears Claims She Never Met Taylor Swift — But This Pic Says Otherwise

Apparently meeting Taylor Swift in 2008 wasn't very memorable for Britney Spears -- because she totally forgot all about it during an interview on August 1! The singer said she never met Taylor, but there's literal photo proof that they hung out at the VMAs eight years ago...

Britney Spears Disses Taylor Swift
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Britney Spears, 34, was asked during an interview if she’d rather be stuck on a plane to Australia with Katy Perry, 32, or Taylor Swift, 26, and while she had trouble coming up with a response, she eventually did make up her mind.

“I briefly met Katy Perry at the Smurfs movie premiere and I met her there really quick,” she explained. “So maybe because I’ve met Katy Perry, I would say Taylor Swift because I’ve never met her before.” Fair enough, but it turns out this response isn’t exactly totally accurate!

Brit has met Taylor before: They even posed for a photo together at the 2008 Video Music Awards! Of course, this was before the 26-year-old’s career totally blew up and she became the big star she is today, so it’s understandable if Britney forgot, right? The gals actually met one other time when Taylor was first getting started in the industry, too, according to TMZ. Hey, it was a long time ago, we can’t get mad at Britney for having a memory lapse!

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And just because the 34-year-old doesn’t remember coming face-to-face with Taylor, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have tons of respect for her. “I love Taylor Swift,” she admitted in 2015. “I think she’s adorable. I love her music. Her music makes me so happy. She’s very level-headed. She’s a very, very smart girl, very wise.” Umm, this is totally the perfect opportunity for Brit and Tay to reunite again so the “Make Me Ooh” singer can actually remember it, right?!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Britney forgot about meeting Taylor?

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