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PrankVsPrank: Jesse Wellens Admits YouTube Made His Relationship With Jeana Smith ‘Toxic’

Jesse Wellens revealed that his relationship with Jeana Smith was destroyed due to their YouTube channel. The PrankVsPrank stars called it quits after their on-camera love turned 'toxic.' Get the scoop, right here. Jesse Wellens, 33, explained that YouTube was the cause of his breakup with Jeana Smith, 33, during a podcast preview on June 29. When the PrankvsPrank pair officially called it quits on May 18 and decided to no longer vlog, fans were curious what went wrong. Now we discover that he blames their video channel (featuring 10 million plus subscribers) for their relationship's demise.

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Jesse Wellens YouTube Ruined Relationship
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“It was great in the beginning but then it slowly…it kinda like polluted our relationship and made it toxic,” Jessie explained on the upcoming July 1 episode of Shane & Friends“We still love each other greatly and we still have lots of respect for each other. I just felt like we were doing stuff for the vlog and not for our relationship anymore.” Jesse explained that things often change — including people —  once the camera is turned on and the recording begins. He said although people start out trying to be themselves, they’ll often “ham it up” to be more likable and inticing.

This interview comes weeks after Jesse and Jeana announced their YouTube hiatus via a heartwrenching video on May 18. The former lovebirds accumulated a huge fan following over the years with their hilarious prankster videos that got the laughs of people from all over the country.

PrankvPrank — Jesse Wellens & Jeana Smith Pics

Many can remember the epic cheating prank, which received 45 million views and counting, or the ol’ cat falling out of the window routine. Since their split, Jeana has remained mum for the most part, but she did recently open up about how she’s doing on June 13. “I feel like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster,” she shared in a video entitled “Update.”

Jeana revealed that she and Jessie have found a way to be amicable, despite parting ways: “He and I have been speaking. We still love and care about each other. I’m always there for him. We’ve experienced so much together in life and i guess now we are going to try and experience things individually and see what it’s like.” We hope these two can find happiness while embarking on their own journeys!

HollywoodLifers, do you agree with Jesse that being on camera together can destroy relationships?