Roni Rose Reveals Who She’d Rather Date: Steph Curry Or LeBron James?

OMG! Roni Rose revealed who she would date -- Steph Curry or Lebron James -- if she ever got the opportunity, and her pick may shock you! Get the EXCLUSIVE here! Roni Rose may have said she isn't anyone's side piece, but she seems to have a thing for NBA players. And the model revealed to EXCLUSIVELY, who she would rather date if given the option between rivals, Steph Curry, 28, and Lebron James, 31. Get ready for her shocking answer!

Roni Rose Dating Steph Curry Lebron James
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Drum roll please…. Roni admitted that she would totally choose Steph! “If I had to chose between Steph or LeBron, it will be Steph hands down. LeBron’s not even in the same category,” she explained to in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

Okay, it might not have been that shocking that she’d choose Steph, as she was accused of having a secret relationship with the Golden State Warriors star. But seeing as how the model continued to stand behind the fact that her crude gestures during game 2 of the NBA Finals were not directed at the point guard, it’s interesting that she still decided to choose him.

So why did she choose him, despite those nasty affair rumors? Well, she’s a die-hard Warriors fan, that’s why! We could have guessed that by her countless sexy photo shoots supporting the team, and her attending almost every game. But apparently her loyalty goes much deeper. “I’ve been a fan all my life. My dad was raised in Oakland and he’s in a band called ‘Pride and Joy’ and they use to sing during halftime shows at Warriors games,” Roni continued.

It sounds like she would pick Steph based solely on the fact that he’s an amazing basketball player and he plays for her favorite team. Besides, Roni admitted that Steph isn’t into him in a romantic way outside of this little choosing game. “He’s not my type,” she said. “No. I personally think he resembles my four younger brothers. Plus, he doesn’t have any tattoos and he has a baby face. So no!” Geez, but Steph is definitely used to the baby face comments by now. 

But we have to think this is a definite relief to Ayesha Curry, 27, and Steph, who wasn’t too fond of the attention he was getting from the alleged cheating scandal. But still, he probably appreciates how loyal Roni has been to Warriors and how supportive she is of him as a player. He’s definitely going to need that support as he and the Warriors take on the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on June 10.

HollywoodLifers, who would you choose? Steph or Lebron?

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