Jesse McCartney Turns Into A Zombie & Eats People On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ — Watch

He's back, and he's hungry! Jesse McCartney made a surprising return to 'Fear The Walking Dead' after his villainous character was impaled, and this time his arc came to an unfortunate end. Click inside to WATCH! Jesse McCartney, 29, brought his "Beautiful Soul" back to Fear The Walking Dead for a second episode, and this time things got a little messy. Just wait until you see video of Jesse's character, Reed, tear into an unsuspecting character's flesh. Yuck!

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Sorry, JMac, but this time your bad guy had to bite the dust. Or, well, in this case he actually bit other people. Oh, no!

Even though it appeared that he had been killed in the May 1 episode, Jesse McCartney’s Reed was still alive when the show returned on May 8. With the metal rod still impaled in his abdomen, Reed was tied up and held captive in a room below deck by Daniel (Ruben Blades) with the help of Chris (Lorenzo Henrie). Once he spilled a little too much information about his brother, Connor (Mark Kelly), and where Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) could possibly be being held, Daniel and Madison worked together to find her family.

However, Reed just couldn’t keep his mouth shut with only Chris keeping watch. He repeatedly taunted Chris, especially in regards to his missing mom, and eventually Chris shot him in the face. Chris later claimed that Reed was “going to turn,” but it’s repeatedly eluded to that he may have shot Reed while he was still alive.

Just when they think they’ve seen the last of Reed, he resurrects as a walker and immediately tries to take out both Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and Nick (Frank Dillane). Daniel intervenes before Nick can shoot Reed dead for good, keeping the bad guy alive so that they can trade him for Travis and Alicia. For whatever reason the trade actually works, but when Connor pulls the pillowcase off of Reed’s head his little brother takes a huge bite out of his arm before going to snack on one of his burly friends.

Sadly, that’s the last we see of walker Jesse McCartney, but boy was it an entertaining arc!

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