Kanye West Forbids Kim Kardashian To Speak To Rachel Roy Amidst ‘Lemonade’ Drama

Rachel Roy and Kim Kardashian are no longer allowed to be friends, says Kanye West! Yep, we've learned that the rapper wants his wife to stay away from the designer while the whole 'Lemonade' debacle continues to blow up. Kanye West, 38, made Kim Kardashian, 34, cut ties with Rachel Roy, 42! The designer is currently in the middle of the huge Beyonce/Lemonade drama, and she can no longer count Kim among her pals -- see why Kanye doesn't want Kim to speak to Rachel ever again!

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Rachel Roy Friendship
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A source close to Kimye tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that the friendship between Kim and Rachel is over. “Kanye made Kim cut all her ties with Rachel…he doesn’t want Kim to be publicly associated with her. Ever since the elevator fight following the Met Ball, Kanye thought it would be best for Kim, so she has slowly backed away,” the insider says. “They talked about how it wouldn’t be in their best interest to get mixed up in all that drama, especially publicly.”

Everyone knows that the Kardashians basically breed drama, so it’s probably best for Kim to try and stay out of it this time! “Although Rachel was invited to Saint‘s baby shower, they have definitely drifted apart — and with good reason,” the source adds. That’s pretty bittersweet when you think about it!

Finally, Kimye is behind Bey and Jay Z 100%, and they’re not looking to get their wires crossed.. “Kim and Kanye are supportive of Lemonade and would never publicly go against anything Beyonce and Jay Z are involved with.” We love to see power couples supporting other power couples!

HollywoodLifers, do you agree with Kanye’s reasoning behind why Kim shouldn’t talk to Rachel anymore? Let us know!

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