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Kylie Jenner Fans Furious Over Quality Of Brushes In Her Lip Glosses — Shocking Pics

Fans have been going nuts over all of Kylie Jenner's cosmetic products, but not everybody was so pleased when they received their new lip glosses earlier this month. The brushes were completely messed up, and buyers are freaking out the defective product. How are you supposed to apply lip gloss with a completely frayed brush!? That's what people who purchased Kylie Jenner's new lip glosses are wondering -- a whole slew of fans received their new lip product with the wand looking far from brand new!

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Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss Brushes
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The freakout gained traction thanks to makeup artist Jeffree Star expressing his concern over the product. “SO disappointed in this product. That wand is unacceptable,” he tweeted, with a photo as proof. “No shade but… How the f*** can a multimillion dollar celebrity think this is acceptable?? Was there no quality control? Those were brand-new straight out of the box, and I pulled them out for the first time and saw that…umm…I’ve seen on her Snapchat that she kinda addressed this issue and said the wand would be better next time…do I get a refund? So the first customers were just guinea pigs? How is that fair or a consumer to get something s***y and then the next launch it’s fixed?”

The rant prompted tons of other angry buyers to share their horror stories about the lip glosses, and post photos of their own to prove how messed up the brushes they received were.

Meanwhile, Kylie addressed the situation on her KylieCosmetics Instagram account. “When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes I stopped all production and changed it,” she explained. “Life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes.”

To alleviate the problem, the company is sending out the new brushes to anyone who ordered in the first shipment on April 1 — no need to email or anything, everyone in the original group of orderers will automatically get the new product. Phew!



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