Marissa Jade On ‘Mob Wives’ Reunion: I Want Drita D’Avanzo To Know ‘I’m No Rat’

The 'Mob Wives' reunion on March 16 was explosive and Marissa Jade tells that even though she buried the hatchet with all the ladies during the episode, she will never be friends with Drita! Marissa Jade knows who her friends are and Drita D'Avanzo is not one of them. The gorgeous Mob Wives star tells that she's tired of Drita thinking she's going to tell her who started the rumor about her ex-husband, Lee D'Avanzo and that it wasn't just "one person" it was "several" of the women. But she'll never give up one of her girls because she's loyal to a fault.

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“I’m not a rat and like I told Drita off set it doesn’t matter who said it, point was it was said,” Marissa told us. “If you didn’t say it no one would be able to say it was said. She knew, she agreed. She knew she said it. Several people said it … what does it matter.” There’s been a lot of back and forth between Drita and Karen Gravano with Drita claiming Karen stalked her ex. In case you didn’t know, Karen dated Drita’s ex-husband before they got married. “I don’t have a relationship with Drita,” Marissa tells us and adding that, “No [I] don’t want one either.”

Even though Marissa calls the show ending “sad” she’s ready for bigger and better things. “I’ve been in this [showbiz] career long before the show and I’m not going to stop because of the show ending. I won’t miss the drama but I’ll miss interacting with the girls and working with the girls.” As for a spinoff? “I would love to work with the girls again.”

HollywoodLifers, whose side are you on: Drita or Marissa’s?