Katy Perry Is JonBenet Ramsey & 3 Other Conspiracies Behind Beauty Queen’s Death

Katy Perry is secretly JonBenet Ramsey, the child pageant queen mysteriously murdered in 1996. Or, that’s what the latest conspiracy theory claims. If that makes perfect sense to you, why not check out some of the other theories surrounding JonBenet’s tragic, unsolved murder. Is it possible JonBenet Ramsey wasn’t brutally killed twenty years ago, and that she grew up to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world? The Internet is buzzing with a new conspiracy that Katy Perry, 31, is secretly JonBenet. Amazingly, this isn’t the only theory surrounding JonBenet’s death.

JonBenet Ramsey Conspiracy Theories
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Katy Perry is really JonBenet Ramsey

The hottest alleged cover-up since the L.A. UFO sighting is one that claims that 6-year-old JonBenet did not die on Dec. 25, 1996 in her boulder, Colorado home. Dave Johnson’s video accuses Katy’s parents, Mary and Maurice, of secretly being Patsy and John Ramsey. “He shaved his head. She lost some weight,” he said, without explaining how Mary could be Patsy since Patsy Ramsey died from ovarian cancer in 2006. That didn’t stop Dave from blending photos of JonBenet and Katy, using the photoshop as “evidence” that the “Fireworks” singer is really the former child pageant star.

Patsy Killed JonBenet In A Panic

In 1996, Patsy claimed she found a ransom note after JonBenet went missing, according to CNN. The amount demanded, $118,000, was the exact value of John’s bonus. But, the police found JonBenet’s body that day in the family’s wine cellar.

Steve Thomas, a former Boulder police detective who spent two years investigating the killing, claimed JonBenet was killed by her mother, according to the New York Times. Steve’s theory is that Patsy strangled JonBenet in a panic after she accidentally caused a serious wound to the girl’s head, and that John helped hide  the crime. Despite suspicions that Patsy and John killed JonBenet, no indictments were issued due to a lack of evidence.

The Brian Scott Theory.

Brian Scott, the Ramsey family’s landscaper and gardener, apparently spent the evening before JonBenet’s death at a girlfriend’s apartment but left just before midnight, according to CrimeJail.com. This raised some doubts with police. Brian also shared some odd details with the authorities, including how Patsy Ramsey was furious when O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder. These odd details have conspiracy theorists suspicious that Brian Scott did it.

JonBenet’s brother, Burke Ramsey, did it.

One of the darker and more disturbing theories is that Burke Ramsey committed the crime. Some alleged that 9-year-old Burke killed his sister in a game of “playing doctor” and that his parents covered it up to protect their son. When Burke was accused of the murder, John told the New York Daily News that “we tried to shield him from that.” Burke, along with his family, was cleared as suspects in 2008, when DNA evidence showed the involvement of an unknown male.

Do you have a conspiracy theory around JonBenet’s murder, HollywoodLifers?

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