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Kendall Jenner Withholding Sex From Harry Styles Until He Proves Devotion ‘100%’ — Report

Kendall Jenner has a serious plan to make Harry Styles get serious! She's not going to have sex with the hot One Directioner until he agrees to commit to her, and only her. No other girls for Harry, or he's cut off for good! Will he agree? Kendall Jenner, 20, is not messing around when it comes to changing her casual relationship with Harry Styles, 23! The model has a concrete plan to make her sometimes-boyfriend her one and only, and he won't be getting any sex until he agrees to settle down, according to a source who spoke to Life & Style magazine! Read on to hear more about her sex ban!

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“She told him that she wasn’t going to be another notch on his bedpost,” the source told Life & Style. “So she instituted a sex ban until he can prove he’s 100% committed to her. This is a trial period. If he makes one misstep, he’ll be dumped for good.”

This is so shocking! Withholding sex is a major ultimatum that could completely backfire on her; if he doesn’t want to do this, he could just jump ship on their casual relationship entirely! We get why she’s doing this, because she really likes Harry and wants more out of their sorta-relationship. Think about how hot they looked together on their St. Barts vacation! That didn’t seem like something small!

But if Harry doesn’t want to commit, not having sex could just mean he’s outta there! Plus, this isn’t the only change Kendall’s asking out of Harry. She wants him to delete the phone numbers for every woman out of his phone who isn’t a family member! This isn’t something that’s going to last forever, but she wants to make sure that he’s going to stay true to her, again, 100%. This is especially after cute stylist Pandora Lennard, 27, was spotted leaving Harry’s North London apartment building on the morning of January 16 — after arriving the night before.

The sex boycott is going to be excruciating for Harry when Kendall has done so many sexier than sexy photoshoots, first for Calvin Klein, then for LOVE magazine. Justin Bieber, 21, admitted that Kendall’s Calvins underwear shoot was so racy, that it totally turned him on! Damn! She not only wears a tiny bikini for LOVE, but spreads her legs in bed! None for you Harry, sorry.

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