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‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Catelynn & Tyler Tie The Knot In Emotional Ceremony

Tonight's episode of  ‘Teen Mom OG’, revolved around two tiny, yet GIANT words -- 'I do.' Everyone's favorite couple from 'Teen Mom', finally got hitched. Yes, Catelynn Lowell married longtime boyfriend Tyler Baltierra and it was as emotional as we expected. Oh, and Farrah Abraham wasn't invited. On the Jan. 25, episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood decides to invest her money into flipping houses, but quickly finds out it's a lot harder than she thinks. Then we witness Maci Bookout's boyfriend decide to also take on a new investment -- a t-shirt line, while Farrah Abraham continues to create a toxic environment for her daughter Sophia, 6, to be around. But then magic happens, Catelynn Lowell finally weds her longtime love and it was beautiful.

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Amber Throws Down $18K To Flip Houses With Matt

Amber has come up with a new business plan in order to make more money. Her fiancé, Matt Baier, and her want to get into flipping houses — yes, her and Matt together. Right away, I was skeptical. I honestly don’t trust her fiancé in the slightest and this episode just proved it. The pair wind up going to view a cheap house with a real estate agent, and when this realtor started to question what they both did for work — it got real awkward. Amber starts to explain that she is on a TV show and has been for quite some time. Then before Matt could speak, Amber says, “And he’s my fiancé.” Whoa, wait. So, Matt, who is 44-years-old, doesn’t have a job? It’s really hard to digest, and clearly the realtor felt the same — literally she looked both shocked and disgusted. Amber then starts to discuss what she is looking to spend (yes, again she reiterates it’s her money), and settles on a house for $18,000.

Farrah Berates Her Mother & Refuses To Let Her Babysit Sophia

Tonight, Farrah didn’t disappoint when it comes to bringing the chaos. She decided to backtrack on her plan for having her mother babysit Sophia while she’s away in the UK. Obviously, nothing every goes smoothly when Farrah is involved. She winds up calling her dad and asking him to rearrange his schedule and put work aside to watch Sophia. He kindly agrees to watch his granddaughter and tells Farrah not to worry about his job — how nice of him. Any who, Farrah then calls up poor Debra and break the news to her. Honestly the whole phone conversation was Farrah belittling her mother — yet again. If that wasn’t bad enough, her and Sophia then head over to eat dinner with her and continue to berate her. At one point Sophia starts sticking her tongue out and Debra (who is already on the verge of tears), and when her grandma tries to speak — Farrah snaps at her and says: “Don’t be passive aggressive to my daughter right now.” Within minutes Deb has a awful breakdown where she cries and screams in front of the cameras that no one seems to care about her. Farrah and her daughter start to leave and Debra asks Soph if she can have hug and kiss goodbye. Well, the little girl’s response was, “No. Nope. Nope.” And that was a-okay with Farrah who just continues to walk out. It truly was hard to watch, because honestly, it didn’t seem like Farrah did care about her mother… at all.

Maci’s Boyfriend Taylor Starts A T-Shirt Business

Back to a normal mom, Maci’s boyfriend has decided to invest in a t-shirt company. Maci is a bit skeptical at first, but winds up spearheading the whole operation. Other than that, it was a very uneventful episode for her — which isn’t a bad thing.

Cate & Tyler Tie The Knot

Today is the big day, but first — where’s the veil? It just so happens that the bridal shop forgot to pack Cate’s veil and the store was four hours away! Thankfully, her quick-thinking wedding planner figured out a way to get another veil to her. Phew. Any way, everything else went smoothing but at one point during the wedding I got a bit worried about Butch. He was told before the ceremony NOT to go up to Brandon and Teresa and introduce himself. Well, Butch didn’t, but he DID go up to Carly and tell her she was beautiful. Yes, it’s technically his grandchild, but it was beyond creepy to witness — and Teresa and Brandon both looked super uncomfortable with it. Any way, it was great to see that Maci, Amber and their two guys attend the big event. Both Catelynn and Tyler genuinely were so happy they were there.

One of the sweetest parts of the wedding was when Cate’s brother Nick, started to cry and hug her before she walked down the aisle. She asked what was wrong and he mumbled out, “You look pretty,” while crying. I almost lost it over that part alone. The other time I nearly got choked up was also before the ceremony when Butch couldn’t help but cry and tell Tyler, “I missed your graduation by one day – I was feeling like a really bad father. I mean, I’m already a bad father, but that much worse. I can’t tell you how happy I am. You ain’t seen nothing but good coming out of this guy.” Then when Tyler read his personal vows — I’m not going to lie, I teared up. But the biggest part of the night where I sobbed like a baby was when Tyler and Carly danced together on the dance floor while Nova, Cate, Theresa and her son danced around them. It was truly the most beautiful thing about that wedding.

HollywoodLifers — do you think Farrah needs to be in weekly therapy? Were you surprised how intimate Tyler’s vows were? What was your favorite part of the big wedding? Sound off below!