Dan Haggerty Cancer Of The Spine: 5 Things To Know About His Terminal Diagnosis

Heartbreaking! Actor Dan Haggerty sadly passed away from his long battle with cancer Jan. 15. The distressing news of his death, caused by spine cancer, has us looking deeper into facts on his tumor. So sad! Dan Haggerty unfortunately lost his fight against cancer on Jan. 15 at the age of 74. His type of cancer, cancer of the spine, is often spread from other cancers such as breast, lung and prostate. Read more about the Grizzly Adam star's form of the disease here!

Dan Haggerty Cancer
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Dan’s memory will never be forgotten by his fans, friends and loved ones. He will always be remembered as one of Hollywood’s most beloved TV actors from the 70’s and 80’s. The star passed away while surrounded by the people who meant most to him in his California home. Wewanted to take a closer look at the disease that took the amazing talent from us. Here are 5 interesting facts about cancer of the spine.

1. An estimated 10,000 Americans develop primary or metastatic spine tumors yearly.

Spine cancer is spread from other body areas, making it a very common occurrence, the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center said.

2. Spine cancer rarely starts in the spine, but instead is spread to the spine from elsewhere in the body.

Primary spine tumors, according to the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, are usually rare. Instead, spine tumors spread to the spinal area from other parts of a person’s body. The term used for this type of tumor is metastatic, or the spread of cancer from the original site.

3. Spinal cancer is more common in men and older patients.

If you’re a guy over the age of 40, this strain of cancer is something you should consider getting checked for. Spinal metastases are more likely to appear in men than in women and in people from the ages of 40-65, Medscape says.

4. Symptoms of spinal cancer are often easily detectable. 

Ohio University says that pain in the back and neck are the most common signs of spine cancer. Other red flags include numbness, tingling in the arms and legs, loss of dexterity, problems walking and balancing and issues with bowel and bladder control.

5. There are certain risk factors associated with spine cancer.

Prior history of cancer, weakened immune systems, hereditary disorders, and exposure to radiation can all lead to the development of spinal cancer, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America said.

Remember Dan’s life by watching him here! HollywoodLifers, are you Grizzly Adams fans? Roar your thoughts below!

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