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Justin Bieber Slams Selena Gomez’s Hot Music Video Co-Star Chris Mason: ‘He’s A Chump’

Hmm...looks like Selena Gomez got under Justin Bieber's skin by putting Christopher Mason in her 'Hands To Myself' music video! During a recent radio interview, the Biebs was shown a pic of the hot model, and couldn't help but share his disgust. Listen here! Justin Bieber, 21, is NOT a fan of the hunk in Selena Gomez's "Hands To Myself" music video! On the same day that Sel shared a photo of Christopher Mason to tease the video on Instagram, the singer was asked about his on-off love in an interview....and he admitted to NOT being impressed by this new guy in Selena's life.

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At the time of the interview on Dec. 17, Selena had only shared one pic of Chris, without acknowledging why she was posting such a hottie on her Instagram page. “I haven’t seen it, can I see it?” Justin asks, when told about the pic. But his eyes clearly can’t take what they see, because after being shown the photo, he immediately adds, “What is she trying to do to my heart?!”

The topic comes up again later in the conversation, and the Biebs used the opportunity to really take a dig at the “Hands To Myself” star, who Selena has a sexy makeout session with in the video. “Who’s this guy? He’s a joke!” he says. “This guy’s a chump.” It wasn’t all bad, though. “I guess he’s pretty handsome, I can’t even lie,” he concludes with a laugh. Still, when asked whether or not Chris is an upgrade from him, the 21-year-old doesn’t give in. “I mean, come on. There’s levels, dude,” he laughs. Okay, we get it Justin! (Note: This full interview will add Jan. 6 at 7 a.m. — stay tuned).

The “Love Yourself” singer clearly didn’t hold back when it came to discussing his first love in this interview, but Selena is SO over the subject. “Honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done talking about that, and him,” she told Rolling Stone in a Q&A released Jan. 4. Whoa — a pretty shocking response, considering just over a month earlier, videos surfaced of the on-off couple packing on the PDA at the Montage Beverly Hills, after Justin serenaded Selena with “My Girl” on the piano!

Regardless of how connected he still feels to his first love, though, it’s clear that Justin has moved on (for now) with Hailey Baldwin. The pair spent New Year’s week together in Anguilla and St. Barths, and seemingly confirmed that their relationship has turned from platonic to romantic with a passionate kissing photo uploaded to Justin’s Instagram on Jan. 3. Let’s see if this one lasts for the Biebs!


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