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Lourdes Leon: Madonna’s Daughter Craving ‘Stability,’ Rebelling Against Her Like Rocco

It's a double dose of drama! As Madonna fights for custody of her son, Rocco Ritchie, the last thing she wants is her daughter, Lourdes Leon, to act up. Unfortunately, Lourdes is also reportedly sick of the lack of stability in her life and is joining Rocco in rebelling against their mother. Some days, it’s no fun being Madonna. The 57-year-old icon is currently locked in an ugly custody battle between her ex, Guy Ritchie, 47, over their 15-year-old son, Rocco Ritchie. Now, Madonna has to deal with her daughter, Lourdes Leon, 19, who decided now’s a perfect time to rebel against her "Material Girl" mom!

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Lourdes Leon Rebelling Against Madonna
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Lourdes, just like Rocco, “crave(s) stability,” a source told Page Six of the New York Post. Madonna’s touring schedule makes it hard for them to have a normal relationship with their mother, but the source also said that the Lourdes and her half-brother also think their mom is “too controlling.”

Though Lourdes is close with her mom —  they even started a fashion line together — that doesn’t mean she can’t cause Madonna some grief every once in a while. And, now’s one of those times, apparently. “Lourdes definitely takes after he mother in many ways,” a Madonna source tells Page Six. “She has a magnet[ic] personality,” and just like Madonna did when she was young, Lourdes “likes to let her hair down and party,” completely blowing off her mother’s “controlling” nature.

Uh-oh. Lourdes developing a rebellious streak is the last thing Madonna needs, as she’s battling Guy over their teenage son. However, Rocco wishes she wouldn’t bother. He doesn’t want anything to do with his mother, as Rocco is reportedly “miserable” whenever he travels around the world with her. They reportedly have “horrible, full-blown fights with screaming and crying” whenever they’re together. No wonder Rocco wants to go live with his dad.

This fight has even gotten Instagram serious. Rocco blocked Madonna from seeing his Instagram after he was reportedly tired of being overshadowed and embarrassed by his mom on social media. However, his father and stepmother, Jacqui Ainsley, still have access to everything! Things definitely have gotten nasty.

First Madonna gets denied access to her son’s Instagram account. Now, she may lose a lot more. Rocco is reportedly refusing to leave his father’s home in London. He’s now getting his Dad to hire a lawyer so they both can fight for Rocco’s freedom from Madonna in court. It’s sad to see a family fall apart like this.

Do you think Madonna can save her relationships with her kids, HollywoodLifers?