Miss Universe Latina Contestants Snub Miss Philippines After She Was Finally Crowned

Miss Universe winner Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach had no control over Steve Harvey mistakenly announcing Ariadna Gutierrez as the champion at first, but she's reportedly still being snubbed by Miss Colombia's pals and fellow Latina competitors. They're totally shutting her out! There's reportedly some DRAMA going on between the Miss Universe contestants. In support of Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, who Steve Harvey accidentally announced as the winner even though she was really runner-up, many Latina contestants are allegedly shunning actual winner Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines. Yikes!

Miss Philippines Snubbed Latinas
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Latina contestants from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Mexico, among others, were saying backstage that Pia did not deserve the crown, according to TMZ. To prove their point, they reportedly avoided congratulating Miss Philippines on the victory, and it all has to do with the ongoing “fierce” competition between Colombia and the Philippines in the pageant world.

For whatever reason, the Latina women actually allegedly blamed Pia for Steve’s mistake, which involved him originally announcing Ariadna as the winner. It was so long before he made the correction, in fact, that the Colombian native even had the crown on her head and sash draped around her body, only to have to give it all up to Pia once the situation was rectified.

But the Latinas aren’t the only ones who don’t agree with what went down. “I really couldn’t believe it, I was so upset,” Miss Germany, Sarah-Lorraine Riek, said after the show. “For me, [Miss Colombia] was robbed as the real winner…I was very happy for Miss Colombia because she really deserved it. I’m really not happy with the result and so are the other girls, I’m sorry to say it.” WHOA!

Even Pia herself couldn’t quite grasp the idea that she had actually won. “I was confused. I wasn’t sure what was going on,” she admitted. “I didn’t expect that to happen at all. I had to ask my [manager] many times, like, ‘Did I really win? Am I really Miss Universe? Are you going to take the crown from me now?’ And they [said], ‘No, no, you’re really the winner.'” This whole thing is SO crazy, but we just hope everyone is able to get along!

HollywoodLifers, do you think it’s fair for the Latina Miss Universe contestants to treat Miss Philippines like this?

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