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Kendall Jenner: All The Hair On My Body Is Gone After VS Show

Thu, December 10, 2015 11:03am EDT by Dory Larrabee 4 Comments

When you’re wearing next to nothing, no hair can be out of place. Or in Kendall Jenner’s case, no hair can be seen — at all!

Kendall Jenner, 20, admitted to Nylon backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that she “got all the hair off” her body before hitting the runway in sheer panties! Watch her video interview below.

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“Personally, I did the same thing I would usually do. I mean, I did my eyebrows, got all the hair off my body…that’s kind of it,” Kendall told the Nylon cameras.

Gigi Hadid added “I actually don’t touch my eyebrows at all,” in regards to hair removal. Wow! Guess she is just blessed with naturally full brows!

Another model was more candid: “You have to go full wax everywhere, no hair!” Kim Kardashian famously got laser hair removal all over her body — wonder if Kendall went that route, too!

Kendall Jenner: No Hair — Wax For Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

In addition to waxing your entire body, you have to be in tip-top shape. A bunch of models spilled on their pre-show workouts. Jac Jagaciak told me backstage: “I started boxing a long time ago, so I guess that was it for me. And it kind of worked with the show because it’s a great workout. Before the show, I did it maybe every second day, but I want to workout almost every day so I’ll do Pilates in between. I’m always watching my diet but since I work out a lot I don’t have to starve myself or any of that. It’s just about being healthy and having a lot of small meals.”

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Cindy Bruna told me she prepped with “a lot of workouts, we workout a lot. We do a lot of things [at the gym] — crunches because I’m really focused on my abs, butt and legs. I got a trainer this season. You can eat whatever you want if you workout, and that’s what I’m doing.”

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Gigi told Vogue: “I was a volleyball player for 12 years, I rode horses my whole life, and now I box every day. . . . Yeah, I think the biggest thing I always say is eat clean to stay fit, and then have a cheat day to stay sane. Boxing has been great for me because it’s like my new sport, and it’s something that I can get better at.”