Victoria’s Secret’s Cindy Bruna Reveals Diet & How She Gets Flat Abs For VS Show

Cindy Bruna was blessed with super long legs and gorgeous, glowing skin, but she can't rely on her genes alone to prepare for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! I was backstage before the taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and model Cindy Bruna, 21, told me her secrets for staying slim and runway ready. Plus, find out her cheat foods!

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What do Victorias secret models eat
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To prepare for the show, Cindy said they did: “a lot of workouts, we workout a lot. We do a lot of things [at the gym] — crunches because I’m really focused on my abs, butt and legs. I got a trainer this season.”

On keeping curves but maintaining a slim figure, Cindy says her secret is to: “Just workout. You can eat whatever you want if you workout, and that’s what I’m doing.”

When she does indulge? “Bread, butter — I’m French, so cheese. And I’m half Italian, so of course, pasta!”

A week before the show, Cindy amps it up and really eats healthy. “Just trying to eat well. A lot of vegetables and white meat. I’m not starving myself, we can eat. I’m working out every day, so when you workout like that, you have to eat. You just have to eat properly.”

On new models like Gigi Hadid, Cindy told me: “They’re cool. I love Gigi, she’s super, super cute. I met her the first time during the fashion show, and she’s a nice girl so I’m happy for her to be part of the show. Congratulations to her, really.”

Cindy was so excited to about her outfits during the show! “Oh my God, I have to tell you about my outfit for the fireworks. I’m wearing a jumpsuit. It’s really crazy. And I’ve got those wings — it’s the best! Oh my God, the moment when you’re on the catwalk — that’s the best moment. You just feel incredible, sexy, powerful and you’re just doing the best. Just give it everything.”

Cindy’s secret to her amazing confidence? “Be yourself.”

Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Dec. 8 on CBS at 10pm EST!