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‘Survivor’ Cast-Off Fires Back At Haters: I Worked Hard & Deserved To Make It Far

Thu, December 10, 2015 5:02pm EDT by 1 Comment

All season long, the contestants on ‘Survivor’ have been pushing to take [SPOILER] to the end for an ‘easy’ win, so it was quite the shock when [SPOILER] was eliminated on the Dec. 9 episode! Now, the cast-off is dishing EXCLUSIVELY to about the blindside — and she has a message for the haters who question her gameplay.

This week’s Survivor cast-off isn’t too pleased about being “backstabbed” and “blindsided” by members of the tribe! We spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the fierce competitor, who was painted as a major villain on the show, and got all the scoop on that fateful tribal council, the strategizing we didn’t see and SO much more. Check it out here!

The players on Season 31 all seemed to consider Abi-Maria Gomes a “goat” who would be easy to beat in the end, but she’s adamant that that’s not the only reason she made it to Day 35 of the game. And she’s also NOT happy that Spencer and Tasha blindsided her, either, by the way. Read the full interview here:

I was pretty surprised when you were voted out, because everyone kept saying they wanted to take you to the end. Were they scared to vote Wentworth because they knew she had an idol or something?

I don’t think they knew at all! She’s playing so great. Her resume’s looking good. Doesn’t it make you wonder if Spencer and Tasha had a thing before the show? I saved [Spencer] earlier, so that’s a huge backstab right there. Him talking about me like that was a huge backstab.

[EDITOR’S NOTE]: Spencer and Tasha played together on Survivor: Cagayan. And, as for when Abi saved Spencer — it’s true. Back in Episode 2, she completely changed her alliance and pushed to have Shirin voted out instead of him after Shirin had scorned her.

It seemed like you were gunning for Tasha, which is who Wentworth and Keith voted for. Why throw your vote at Keith?

I wanted to send a strong, empowering message to the women. Getting rid of Keith would have had the women stronger. It would’ve had the women in the majority. I just wanted to make a move and get the women together.

[EDITOR’S NOTE]: Kimmi devised this plan in last week’s episode, but wound up sticking with her alliance of Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer.

From what they showed, you seemed so wishy-washy with your votes every week. What was your strategy out there?

I honestly wasn’t wishy-washy. I was voting with the people that were going to keep me in the game. If I had to flip in order to say, “Sorry buddy, but I gotta stay here, I’m not going anywhere, I’m fighting.” Call it wishy-washy, but I was still there until yesterday. I was really loyal to the people I was voting with. Did you see me write Wentworth’s name down one time? Never wrote Ciera’s name either. If I had people I had a strong connection with, I was with them to the end. You hear everything out there, people go completely nuts, you can read people’s body language. I just think that Tasha had already made a pregame alliance with Spencer and possibly won the jury. We’ll see what happens

So, who did you want to go to the end with if you made it far enough?

Tasha and Kimmi — the ultimate goats. I feel like my first phase of the game, I had to do A LOT of work in order to stay. I survived the first two tribals, and when it came to Angkor, I made that move. I was the one who approached Savage and Tasha, even though that wasn’t clear. I knew I wasn’t looking good and I wanted to build some relationships with Bayon. Unfortunately, when the swaps happened, I didn’t get a chance to meet the other people because I was stuck at Angkor, so I was at a disadvantage. The majority of the people, I needed to start building bonds with them and I didn’t. It was easy for Tasha to go back to Bayon people and have a bond with Jeremy already. And when it came to Spencer, she played with him already. You can hate me as much as you want, but read between the lines, people.

[EDITOR’S NOTE]: Abi flipped on her original tribe members to side with Savage and Tasha on Angkor, and they successfully voted out Peigh-Gee and Jeff Varner. Considering she was probably at the bottom of the four she was with, it was actually a brilliant move that probably helped keep her in the game so long.

Did anything surprise you when you watched the season on TV?

I was really surprise with how big a deal they made over the whole bracelet thing [in Episode 1]. It was just like…really? I was just curious. I honestly thought Peigh-Gee had planted that. I thought they were trying to play me. Literally, waking the breathing dragoon. They know from watching Philippines that I had a short fuse, so why not highlight that in Abi?

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Is there anything you would’ve done differently if you could change something about your game?

My social game. Just watching myself grow in front of the world, and it’s just…my social game needs help.

Would you do another season?

It’s too early for me to decide. Especially knowing that I’m not that well-liked in the Survivor community. I think I have a better place in my real life where I am honestly very loved and well-liked by my friends and family. But, unfortunately, in Survivor world, that negative energy spreads around the world, so that hurts me. And it’s hard for my friends and family to see me in that light. At this point, it’s too early for me to decide.

Who’s the biggest threat left?

I probably shouldn’t say because I’m on the jury so I know the final three…but I’m Team Wentworth!

HollywoodLifers, are you sad to see Abi eliminated? Who do you think will win Season 31?