Kylie Jenner & Tyga Split: She Found Evidence Of Cheating On His Computer

Kylie Jenner has dumped Tyga and it looks like she had a good reason to kick him to the curb. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop that Kylie found proof Tyga had done 'something wrong' when she checked his computer! Kylie Jenner, 18, and Tyga, 26, are through! Kylie broke up with Tyga on his 26th birthday. That may seem cold, but what Tyga did to her, he’s lucky that's all she did. has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kylie found evidence of Tyga’s two-timing once she got back from an overseas trip!

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Why Did Kylie Jenner Tyga Break Up
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“Kylie ended it with Tyga when she got back from Australia,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells, adding that something made Kylie suspicious that her boyfriend cheated on her while she was out of the country. Kylie then went looking for any kind of sign or evidence that Tyga was unfaithful while she was Down Under.

Sadly, she found what she was looking for. Kylie discovered “something on his computer that made it clear that he had dome something wrong,” the insider tells This discovery devastated Kylie, but Tyga swears that despite what Kylie found, he’s innocent.

“Tyga is denying he did anything wrong,” the source tells, adding that Tyga is telling everyone “they are just taking a moment and they will be fine.” It doesn’t look like that they’re going to be fine. Kylie reportedly ended things with Tyga when he allegedly facetimed a stripper. After the texts Tyga sent to his ex, Blac Chyna, and the reported affair with porn star Mia Isabella, this was too much for Kylie to take.

Something was clearly up when Kylie and the rest of the Kardashians & Jenners didn’t join Tyga for his birthday party. In fact, none of them even wished him a Happy Birthday on social media, which was highly unusual. Tyga tried to throw himself a party, but he stormed out of The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, looking furious. Now, we know why. But after she found out Tyga cheated on her, it’s really Kylie who should be angry.

What do you think Kylie found on Tyga’s computer, HollywoodLifers? Does this mean that they’re done for good?

— Jason Brow, Tim Plant reporting