Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale: The Telltale Signs Of His Alleged 3-Year Affair With Nanny

From copying Gwen Stefani's looks to getting hands-y with Gavin Rossdale, nanny Mindy Mann reportedly showed quite a few signs of her alleged affair with the Bush rocker early on. Gwen Stefani, 46, may have missed some red flags that were unintentionally waved by her longtime nanny, Mindy Mann, regarding the alleged affair that destroyed her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale, 50. A shocking new reporting reveals multiple clues as to when Mindy and Gavin allegedly started seeing each other behind Gwen's back while still caring for their three children, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 20 months. Yikes.

Gavin Rossdale Nanny Affair
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Did that nanny give her alleged bad behavior away a long time ago? In the Nov. 23 issue of Us Weekly magazine, a report goes through a handful of details that could have helped Gwen detect the alleged affair between her trusted nanny and her husband. Let’s review the sordid details below.

1.) Mindy Allegedly Copied Gwen’s Style

Apparently, Mindy was quick to pick up on the trendy taste of her boss, Gwen, early on in their working relationship. Not only did she reportedly start dressing in a similar rocker chic fashion, but she kept her hair the same platinum blonde color as Gwen. “If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing,” claims a source close to the situation. “Gwen thought it was weird.” Um, yeah, that’s definitely weird.

2.) Mindy & Gavin Were Caught Getting Hands-y

Some might remember the photos of Gavin and nanny Mindy on a hike back in Nov. 2012, in which his hand is placed gently at the small of her back. Awkward! Even worse? Gwen and Gavin’s two boys, Kingston and Zuma, were with the alleged adulterers at the time.

3.) Friends Caught Onto The Alleged Affair

Sadly, Gwen wasn’t the only person who felt suspicious of her husband and their children’s caretaker. “People knew something was up,” a source close to Gavin reveals in the report. Sadly, another source revealed that the alleged affair was so hot and heavy Gavin “couldn’t control himself” around Mindy. Gross.

4.) Gwen Allegedly Discovered Secret Text Messages

As if the above three red flags were not bad enough, the report claims that it wasn’t until Gwen accidentally found text messages allegedly exchanged between Gavin and Mindy that she realized what was happening. “That was the first time Gwen caught him red-handed,” a source close to the former couple explained. Poor Gwen!

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— Lauren Cox


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