Pumpkin Carving: 5 Key Things To Know To Have A Fab Pumpkin

Want to carve a pumpkin for Halloween this year...but no idea where to start? HollywoodLife.com can help! Here are five important things you should keep in mind before you start this fabulous DIY project. Carving a pumpkin is definitely an art form, and it's not easy...but it's definitely fun! In case you're worried about getting shown up by all your friends at a Halloween party this weekend, HollywoodLife.com has rounded up some tips to help you become a pumpkin carving pro!

Pumpkin Carving Tips
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1) You need to choose the RIGHT pumpkin.

Okay, we know going to the pumpkin patch is overwhelming — there’s just so many choices — but we know exactly what you should be looking for. This might take a little work, because you’ll have to feel around for any soft spots to insure that your pumpkin isn’t going to spoil in a mere few days, but it’ll be worth it! Also, you want to look for one that doesn’t have a ton of ridges…it’ll make carving SO much easier.

2. After you scrape out the seeds, there’s another very important step!

After cutting a big hole in the pumpkin — you can use a serrated knife, but be careful! — you need to scoop out ALL the pumpkin seeds (a large metal spoon should work well for this). But there’s another step some people might overlook: Thinning the shell. If the pumpkin is super thick, it’s going to be difficult to carve through, so you want to scrape out some of the insides before you get started.

3. Don’t be afraid to test out your drawing skills first.

If you’re not confident enough in your artistic skills to carve freehand, try drawing out the design you want on tracing paper first. Then, draw it onto the pumpkin with a pencil, and you can cut right on the lines. Sure, it’s not as easy as taking scissor to paper, but at least you’ll have a diagram to follow!

4. There are tons of options besides regular candles for illumination.

If you want to be old school and put real candles inside your pumpkin to light it up, go for it, but there are safer alternatives! Plenty of stores will have battery-operated lights you can use, and there’s even lights specifically designed to put inside pumpkins — buy one from Amazon here.

5. Work fast once you get started.

While pumpkins can last for a while before you start getting to work on them, once you cut that first hole, you’re going to need to be fairly efficient. Unfortunately, once the pumpkin is cut into, it begins to decompose, and the amount of time it will last is unpredictable. So don’t just get started and leave your work to come back to days later!

BONUS TIP: Make sure you save all your pumpkin seeds — roasted pumpkin seeds are a fun, yummy and easy snack that you can chow down on while you’re creating your new masterpieces!

HollywoodLifers, will you be carving a pumpkin this Halloween? Make sure you tweet us photos of your final products!

— Alyssa Norwin

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